VOLUME 10 No. 7 | OCTOBER 6, 2020

World March of Women puts forward activities despite the pandemic

The 5th World March of Women was due to take place in Terrebonne on October 17, 2020, under the theme Résistons pour vivre – Marchons pour transformer (“We resist to live, we march to transform”). Because of the pandemic, members of the Québec Co-ordinating Committee for the March decided to postpone it to October 2021. However, actions and activities are being suggested to keep the focus on the five demands of the 5th International Action: fighting women’s poverty, fighting violence against women, establishing inclusive measures for migrant, immigrant and racialized women and defending their rights, establishing climate justice, and defending the rights of Indigenous women. See our press release (in French) for information about these activities and how to carry them out. You can download a Facebook cover picture in the members-only section of the website, under Outils/documents par secteur/Action féministe.

Acting with perspective

Are you constantly rushing from one task to the next, obsessed with the fact that there’s not enough time? Do you feel that you’re always putting out fires? Our training session, “Acting with perspective,” will give you tools to release yourself from that sense of being utterly overwhelmed. With a precise idea of the tasks you need to accomplish, you can experience freedom of mind at the end of your work day.

This virtual training session, held over two half-days, is offered to local executive members on a voluntary basis. Dates will be set according to your availability.

If you’re interested, write to dponton@aptsq.com

Virtual RREGOP information sessions

Because of new COVID-19 measures, RREGOP information sessions will be going virtual this fall. We’re counting on you to send us your comments on the sessions so that we can make changes as needed regarding number of participants, duration, frequency, etc. Participants will be strongly encouraged to respond to a survey at the end of the session. We hope the new format will meet your expectations.

Webinar: accident investigation and analysis

ASSTSAS, your joint occupational health and safety association, has developed an information tool for members of joint committees and anyone involved in OHS prevention work. The webinar (in French) presents an investigation and analysis procedure specifically designed for work accidents involving violence. This type of investigation and analysis, developed to identify root causes, is a necessary exercise in prevention. Happy viewing!

October General Council is cancelled

Recent months have raised multiple issues within our organization. While this summer’s lull allowed us to proceed at a more normal pace in scheduling meetings for our decision-making bodies, things began to change dramatically in late September.

We are now facing the second wave of the pandemic and a maximum alert level in several regions. Under these circumstances, we need to focus on supporting our members and helping them meet the many challenges awaiting them over the next few months. Every APTS team will be fully mobilized, and the schedule we had developed this summer for decision-making bodies is simply unsustainable.

As a consequence, it was decided to cancel the General Council that was supposed to take place on October 14 and 15. However, decision-making bodies will still be meeting over the next months to provide directions as we negotiate the renewal of our collective agreement. The national negotiating committee will be convened on a regular basis, as well as the General Council when necessary.