VOLUME 9 NO. 1 | JANUARY 15, 2019

A new look for the Fil@PTS

The Fil@pts has had a makeover in 2019. Besides its new look, you’ll now find it easier to browse on your cell phone, tablet or other electronic devices.
What do you think of the new format? Send us your comments: info@aptsq.com.

An employer is reprimanded for interfering in union affairs

A manager called an employee into her office to tell the employee that her conduct was unsatisfactory. In the course of the discussion, the employee mentioned to the manager that she was running for union office. The manager retorted that it wouldn’t be advisable to become a union representative. The employee was shaken by this remark and told the union that she was withdrawing her candidacy. The union convinced her to file a complaint for management interference in union activities. When the manager testified before a labour commission, she contradicted herself then denied having made that statement. The labour commissioner found the employee’s version of the story more credible and upheld the employee’s complaint.

OHS and sustainable development
Équiterre calls for an end to government subsidies for fossil energy sources

Équiterre is calling on the Canadian government to completely eliminate subsidies for fossil energy sources by 2020. It also wants the federal government to stop paying billions of dollars in subsidies to the coal, oil and natural gas industries that encourage them to produce and pollute more.

We encourage you to sign the petition on the Équiterre site.