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February, 2020 | Volume XIV


School News

Aspiring Indigenous Student Researchers meet KIN Faculty Mentors

The Indigenous Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (IURMP) is a UBC initiative for Indigenous undergraduate students who wish to gain a glimpse into the world of research by being paired with a faculty member on campus. This is the fourth year the program has run. Past students have credited their ability to obtain paid undergraduate research work, employment opportunities after graduation, and enrolment in graduate programs, to their participation in the IURMP.

UBC School of Kinesiology is one of 8 other UBC Vancouver Schools and Faculties participating in the program. On January 16, 2020, the IURMP held a Kick-off Event at the Great Hall of the UBC First Nations Longhouse. The evening was meant to set the participants up for success and was an opportunity to meet each other and to provide an overview of timelines and activities over the course of the program.


Online Engagement Feedback Survey

As part of our goal to build a more comprehensive alumni engagement and social media strategy, we are seeking YOUR input on the bests ways to communicate with our diverse population of KIN alumni.

The survey involves questions pertaining to online newsletters, social media usage, and the kinds of news and information you want to hear from us.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey. Your invaluable feedback is greatly appreciated.


Legacy Series: Critical Dialogues on Sustainability, Sport Events, and Impact Assessments | March 9, 5:30pm | UBC CIRS

In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the UBC Centre for Sport and Sustainability (CSS) is hosting public dialogues focused on a range of topics and initiatives pertaining to how we understand the legacies and impacts of sport and sport events.

Join us for the opening event of the CSS Legacy Series. The speakers will include lead researchers of the 2010 Olympic Games Impact study, a UBC Sustainability Student Ambassador, the senior director of UBC recreation facilities, & an expert in sport and sustainability management.


You are invited to attend the Healthy Aging Lectures Series with Dr. Mark Rehkopf | March 10, 6:00pm | Vancouver General Hospital

Genetics. Biology. Early Life Experiences. Behaviours. Social Circumstances. Economics. Toxins in the Environments. When so many factors can predict health and disease, how can anyone make sense of it all? And are any more important than others? Dr. Rehkopf will describe a new type of approach to finding new social, behavioural and environmental influences on health that provide novel discoveries about health and dying.

Attendance is free, but registration required as there are limited seats.


New Updated Edition of Skill Acquisition in Sport, Now Available

Skill Acquisition in Sport (edited by KIN Faculty Dr. Nicola Hodges, and Mark Williams) gives academics, students, coaches and practitioners the broadest and most scientifically rigorous grounding in the principles and practice of the field. The third edition integrates new theory and practice, and provides more material on practical application than ever before.

Divided into four sections – Providing Instruction and Feedback; Organizing Effective Practices; Training High-level Skills; and the Theories and Mechanisms underpinning skill acquisition.

Use CODE "FLR40" at checkout to receive 20% discount


Alumni Profile

Alyssa Binns B.Kin 2016

Jasmine Mander B.Kin 2018

Bea Francisco B.Kin 2016; M.Sc 2018

(from left to right)

Many a KIN student these days, dreams of going on to become a physiotherapist after graduating. The KIN alumni program sat down with these 3 Kin alumni who are currently in the UBC PT program, as they share their undergraduate memories of balancing sports and academics, how they found community on campus, and their current experience as students in UBC's Physiotherapy Program.

Read the full article HERE

Tyler Chong B.Kin 2015; MPT 2017

As the winner of our inaugural "Valentine's Day Alumni Stories" mini contest, Tyler shares his passion for health and fitness, giving back to the community, and what becoming a physiotherapist means to him.

Read his alumni spotlight HERE


No matter what opportunities, challenges, or decisions you’re facing in your career, you should know that UBC KIN is behind you.

Other UBC KIN alumni have probably been where you are right now. We want to hear your career story, advice or lessons learned along the way.

Tweet at us @ubckinalumni or share your career story here.


KIN Alum's Road to Tokyo 2020 Olympics 

KIN Alumnus Secured Canada's Spot in Windsurfing RSX for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Congratulations go out from the School to 4-time Olympian Nikola Girke (BHK 1999), who is making a comeback in her goal to represent Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Windsurfing RSX. This Olympian has resurfaced from a 5-year retirement to compete in the 2020 Hempel World Cup Series in Miami, Florida. In spite of a cold and breezy morning on day 3 of the races, Nikola showed the fleet what she was made of, and placed 5th overall, climbing up the scoreboard by one spot.

“I found my groove in the second race. I know where I need to work on some things and I know what went wrong in those other races, so I’m ready to tackle these now. This was an important race to be at, as Canada needed to secure a country spot for the Olympics here, – and this has just occurred with my placement."

Nikola will now go on to the Princess Sofia Trophy in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on March 28-April 4. This regatta is the Canadian trials as well, where the top Canadian wins the Olympic spot. We will all be rooting for you Nikola!

To support her quest to the Olympics, click HERE, and follow Nikola's journey on Instagram @nikgoing4gold, and Twitter @NikGoing4Gold


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Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Women's Brain Health Conference | Early bird registration deadline: March 10

The Women’s Health Research Cluster is pleased to announce the ‘Women’s Brain Health Conference,’ which will take place on May 11th-12th, 2020, at UBC's Robert Lee Alumni Centre in Vancouver.

The conference will feature expert speakers who will address a variety of women’s brain health issues and highlight topics such as hormone therapy, mental and cognitive health, menopause, pregnancy, metabolism, and traumatic brain injury.

For more information about the program, keynote speakers, and registration, visit their website below.

Killam Connection Public Lecture Series: Dr. Catrine Tudor-Locke | March 24 | Vancouver General Hospital

Step counting is now a widespread and acceptable approach to self-monitoring physical activity courtesy the recent surge in wearable technologies. Dr. Tudor-Locke will review current scientific literature related to step counting and cadence tracking with a specific focus on older adults.

Dr. Tudor-Locke, who is the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at UNC Charlotte, is a walking behaviour researcher and a recognized world leader in objective physical activity assessment and promotion, specifically focused on pedometer or accelerometer-determined ambulatory activity captured as steps/day across the lifespan. 

Opportunity: ISAK Level 1 Course, from Canadian Sport Institute Pacific | April 3-5 | UBC Vancouver Campus

Gain the knowledge and skill needed to measure human physique through this course hosted by the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific at UBC. Learn & apply theory in hands-on practical sessions, and gain your final certification after students complete 20 profiles following course completion.

Instructor Marcos Lovera has been involved in anthropometric projects in the fields of soccer, powerlifting and boxing. With a degree in Physical Education, Marcos specializes mainly in sport performance together with other areas such as kinanthropometry, physical training, athletes testing and body image.

Those interested in registering for the course can contact Stacey Hutton at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific:


Events Recap

The Great Running Shoe Debate

Hosted by LadySport, FitFirst Footwear, and UBC KIN, this sold out event held on Wednesday, February 12th saw a lively debate on topics such as running shoe technology, running injuries prevention, and biomechanics. In particular, the panelists debated the pros and cons of heavily cushioned sole with movement control versus the more thin-soles shoes like a five-toe yoga shoe. 

Thank you to KIN alumni who attended the event, and also a special thank you to those who either made donations to the BC Sports Medicine Research Foundation or UBC KIN, or contributed to the socks drive for those in need in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

L-R: Dr. Michael Ryan (BHK '99, PhD 2009), Dr. Chris MacLean (MHK '95, PhD 2018), Professor Emeritus Jack Taunton, Phil Moore, Evan Moore, Dr. Chris Napier (PhD 2018), Dr. JF Esculier, Shalaya Kipp (KIN PhD Student)  

Photographer: Joshua Kamijan 

Distinguished Speaker Series: Professor Diane Crone

We’d like to thank all those who came to Professor Diane Crone’s talk on February 14th on systems-based approaches to physical activity promotion. It was an enlightening discussion on how we can better utilize a more system-based mindset to solve some of the deepest problems that we, as kinesiologists, truly care about. Diane Crone is a Professor in Exercise and Health and Director of the (soon to be launched) Centre for Health, Activity and Wellbeing Research at the Cardiff Metropolitan University. 

To listen to the full podcast recording of her talk, click HERE.

Photographer: Joshua Kamijan 


School Announcements

Research Volunteers Needed

Lifespan Movement for Physical Activity Study

If you're interested in research, come and take part in UBC KIN's Lifespan Movement for Physical Activity Study! Participants will answer a short questionnaire about physical activity, and will also complete six movement skills, the kick, throw, hop, jump, sit-to-stand, and rising from a lying down position. Their physical activity will be measured for one week.

The study is looking for individuals between the ages of 5-75 years who are proficient in the English language and do not have any injury, illness or medical condition that would prevent them from completing any of the above movement skills. All participants will receive an individual report of their skill performance and physical activity levels. Participants will also receive travel expenses and be entered into a prize draw for a gift card.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in this study, please contact Dr. Ryan Hulteen at 604-822-9140 or Professor Mark Beauchamp, Principal Investigator, can be contacted at 604-822-4864 or

To donate, please direct your gift to 'other', and type 'School of Kinesiology'. Thank you for your support!


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