AVIATEUR EXPRESS # 845 - March 17, 2021

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  • TSB investigation report A20W0072: Collision with a power line.
  • Do you know the minimum altitudes at which you can fly your aircraft in VFR flight?
  • Transport Canada, COVID-19: Civil Aviation Medical Examination and Certificate Renewal Procedures.
  • Annual General Meeting: April 10, 2021 via Zoom videoconference.
  • Webcast conference: “The constitutionality of provincial and municipal regulations: how to navigate”.
  • Foreflight training available to members of Aviateurs.Québec.
  • COPA Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship.
  • Your virtual library, updated March 17, 2021.
  • Photo competition 2020-21.

Air Transportation Safety Investigation Report A20W0072: Collision with a power line.

On September 26, 2020, an amateur-built two-seat Harmon Rocket II aircraft, with 2 occupants on board, was on a low-level flight when it struck power lines and then crashed near Thorsby, Alta. The 2 occupants were fatally injured. There was a fire after the impact and the aircraft was destroyed.

For a copy of the TSB report, click HERE

Do you know the minimum altitudes at which you can fly your aircraft in VFR flight?

CAR 602.15 states that it is prohibited to operate an aircraft over a built-up area or over an outdoor assembly of persons, unless the aircraft is operated at an altitude that would allow , in an emergency requiring an immediate landing, to land without endangering persons or property on the surface, and in all cases at an altitude of at least:

  • in the case of an airplane, 1000 feet above the highest obstacle located at a distance of 2000 feet or less from the airplane, measured horizontally,
  • in the case of a balloon, 500 feet above the highest obstacle located at a distance of 500 feet or less from the balloon, measured horizontally,
  • in the case of an aircraft other than an airplane or a balloon, 1000 feet above the highest obstacle located at a distance of 500 feet or less from the aircraft, measured horizontally;

That is the regulatory aspect. There is also the safety aspect. Here you owe it to yourself to refer to  an up-to-date VNC chart . In the image below, we find a portion of the VNC for the Saguenay region. In this image, we can identify the different ways in which the VNC chart informs you about the obstacles to air navigation known at the time of the publication of the VNC chart as well as the floor of an airspace. 

Can you identify their meaning?

Transport Canada, COVID-19: Changes to Civil Aviation Medical Examination and Certificate Renewal Procedures

  • Proficiency certificates are not allowed for the renewal of a medical certificate expires after 1 st  March 2021.
  • CMs expire on the first day of the month, as the validity periods are calculated from the first day of the month after the date of the medical examination.

These changes are part of the public health measures that aim to manage the COVID-19 pandemic while ensuring the safety and security of civil aviation. They comply with the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

All aviation CM holders must continue to comply with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) in all respects. All the requirements of the CARs continue to apply, except for those indicated in MEAC-001-2021 and MEAC-002-2021. Aviation MC holders are reminded that they are not to exercise their privileges if they cease to hold a valid MC in any of the circumstances set out in CAR 404.06.

The new exemptions do not invalidate CMs that were renewed by attestation after March 17, 2020. Under the new exemptions, medical certificates of all categories can be renewed by telemedicine if a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner ( MEAC) deems them eligible. Please refer to the Transport Canada site for more information. Click HERE .

Annual General Meeting: April 10, 2021 via videoconference

Mark your calendar. The annual general meeting will take place:

April 10, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom videoconference.

Members in good standing will shortly receive a notice of meeting.

You can already register by clicking HERE

Webcast conference by Me Mathieu Quenneville  :

"The constitutionality of provincial and municipal regulations: how to navigate"

Wednesday March 31 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom

Click on the image for a professional notice on Me Quenneville.

Examples abound where the development of facilities related to aeronautics has degenerated in situations of conflict with municipal or provincial authorities: the project to relocate the Mascouche airport, the aerodrome at St-Cuthbert, Neuville or Pintendre. How to find it? We called on Me Mathieu Quenneville, recognized as an expert in constitutional law, to help us sort out all this.

As part of this training, Me Quenneville will explain, using concrete examples, the approach that must be favored to determine the constitutionality of provincial or municipal regulations. In particular, he will answer the following questions:

  • When can we consider that provincial and municipal regulations are constitutional?
  • Will a municipality's declaration that its regulations pursue a local objective safeguard its constitutionality?
  • How to promote the obtaining of a declaration of constitutional inoperability of municipal regulations with regard to aeronautical activities?
  • What will happen to the compliance of buildings and facilities at an aerodrome once aviation activities cease?
  • How to avoid constitutional debates? "

To register, click HERE

Foreflight training available to Aviators.Québec members

We have grouped together a number of training courses in our Documentation Center . Among others, the following training courses are available to members of Aviateurs.Québec:

  • Foreflight - Initial configuration of the application.
  • Foreflight - Flight planning
  • Foreflight - Weight and balance
  • Foreflight - Visual approaches in Foreflight

To access these videos on demand, click HERE 

COPA Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship

For more than 25 years, the COPA Neil J. Armstrong Fellowship has contributed to the new generation of aviators. The scholarship, created in honor of Neil J. Armstrong, inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame, financially supports the flight training of future aviators.

The competition is open to young people aged 15 to 21 with great ambitions to fly? Applications are always being accepted for the Neil J. Armstrong Fellowship of COPA.

Hurry, the deadline is March 31, 2021.

Learn more by clicking HERE .

Your virtual library, updated March 17, 2021

Aviator Photo Contest. Quebec 2021

The 2021 competition has started!

We have a first winner for 2021. It is François Audette. François won one of the following prizes, a cap or a polo shirt in the colors of Aviateurs.Québec.

It's time to submit a photo or two for March!

We are currently accepting photos (aviation related, read regulations) for the January round. We currently have no photos in the bank.

Aviateurs.Québec members in good standing can send their photos to photos@aviateurs.quebec before March 31 at 10 p.m.

The winning photos for each month plus the photos with the most votes during the year, up to a total of 20, will be finalists.

The pricing structure

Grand annual winner: gift certificate $ 75 plus trophy
2nd and 3rd annual: gift certificate $ 25 plus trophy
Monthly winners: Cap or Polo

In order to allow everyone to have the chance to win during the year, the same person cannot be declared winner of the month more than four (4) times during the year.

For a monthly round to be held, you must have received at least five photos, from at least three different photographers. Otherwise, the photos received are entered in the following month's round. The total number of photos in the final remains at 20.

The complete contest rules can be viewed HERE

Our sale continues. We reduced our prices by 15%.
Take the opportunity to display your colors, those of Aviators.Québec

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