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Atlantic Canada | November 2021


DairyTrace Quick Tips

Effective traceability includes animal identification and movement reporting. With timely, accurate and relevant traceback information, you can count on DairyTrace to protect your herd and address food safety issues to reduce unfavourable fallout.

Two helpful resources have been added to the DairyTrace Library:

1] Portal Quick Tips: Helps you navigate through the DairyTrace portal. Explains how to report an event and how to retrieve your proAction report for your validation.

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2] Excel File Upload Tips: Helps you submit events using an Excel file located in your DairyTrace account.

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DairyTrace supports you in meeting the proAction® livestock identification and traceability requirements - we’re here to help!



Sustainability: Priority Reseach for the Canadian Dairy Industry

Check out Dairy Farmers of Canada's (DFC) three fact sheets on management practices to mitigate greenhouse gases.

Crop management

Manure management

Livestock management

The Meaning of Sustainability Has Changed

The conscious farmer of today is concerned with their impact on the environment, animal care, waste, working conditions, human wellness, workforce shifts, and business models. This goes beyond the traditional meaning of sustainability.

Today, the new sustainability is something we all need to invest in and we have developed a new category of resources on this topic on our website.

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Expert Advice - Caeli Richardson, KTT Genetics Expert, Lactanet

Looking to improve the longevity of your herd with genetics?

  • Herd Life is Canada’s genetic evaluation for longevity
  • Published proofs for Herd Life are a combination of a predicted value based on proofs for various indicator traits associated with longevity (Indirect Herd Life) and evaluations based on actual daughter survival data through each of the first three lactations to fourth calving (Direct Herd Life)
  • The evaluation is designed to increase voluntary disposals, and as a result, decrease involuntary culling
  • Choose sires with RBVs above 100 to improve your herd’s longevity

Check your animals' Herd Life using the animal query



Crampy Cow Research Study

Our Crampy Data Collection Blitz continues and the data is rolling in. Whether you have Crampy cows or not, we want to hear from you. Here is how you can reach us:

1] I have Crampy cows: visit https://lactanet.ca/en/crampy/ for many great recording options;

2] I don't have any Crampy cows: email crichardson@lactanet.ca with your herd number and province letting us know you are Crampy free.

Record your Crampy cows on-line  



Perception on Lameness

Alberta's Lameness Reduction Initiative (LRI) is an ongoing program with multiple components. One of the first programs within this initiative was on-farm workshops to demonstrate risk assessment within the animal welfare component of proAction®. Before the workshop started, 69 participating producers were surveyed to evaluate their knowledge and understanding on lameness in dairy cattle.

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Resolution Status: Bringing Bold Ideas to Life

The status of Carried Resolutions submitted through our Resolutions process in Spring 2021 is now updated. Visit Lactanet’s Resolutions website to read about the progression of each carried resolution: https://lactanetresolutions.ca/status/

Thinking of submitting a Resolution for our next intake? We will begin to accept the next round of Resolutions in early November 2021.

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