May 2021

Now & Then highlights UBC History news/events for students, faculty, staff & alumni

Student News

Highlighting Undergraduate Work at the UBC Journal of Historical Studies

“Sometimes, we forget just how much undergraduate students work to produce original content in their research papers!”

Four History undergrads discuss the work of editing and publishing UBC's Journal of Historical Studies. Learn about how papers are discussed, edited, and formatted for publication- and why creating and publishing an undergraduate journal is so important. 

Faculty News

Memorial Scholarship Created in Honour of History Professor Robert McDonald

A memorial scholarship has been created in honour of Robert McDonald (1944-2019). Dr. McDonald taught Canadian history at UBC for over thirty years.
The scholarship will be awarded to outstanding History graduate students specializing in the history of BC.

Dr Leo Shin appointed UBC Public Humanities Fellow

Please join us in congratulating Dr Leo Shin on his appointment as a UBC Public Humanities Fellow for 2021-22!

Dr Shin’s project, “Documenting the Hong Kong Protests,” aims to produce and create a publicly accessible archive of Hong Kong protest-related material that could be used for research and teaching by colleagues and students all over the world.


Dr Coll Thrush awarded Killam Teaching Prize

Congratulations to UBC History’s Coll Thrush for being awarded the Killam Teaching Prize! Dr. Thrush has inspired and mentored undergraduate and graduate students at UBC since 2005.

Child welfare systems have long harmed Black children like Ma’Khia Bryant
Crystal Webster in the Washington Post

"Systems of care and protection of children have been racialized at their inception, something that has.. intensified between the 20th century and today."

Why we need to change the narrative on outdoor transmission
Heidi Tworek with Sumon Chakrabarti and Zain Chagla in the Toronto Star

"Shaming people for gathering outdoors is likely to drive them indoors, where COVID transmission is far more likely."

Taiwan’s COVID-19 and Pandemic Experience: What are the Lessons for Canada?
Heidi Tworek in the Canadian Global Affairs Institute

"Unlike most other governments around the world, Taiwanese officials acted swiftly in early January."

South China Morning Post: Declare yourself a Hongkonger, not simply Chinese, Canadian census campaign urges

Leo Shin comments on the "I am Hong Konger" campaign in Canada. Abbotsford’s History of Hushed Racism: Introduction

Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra discusses racism and the South Asian community in Abbotsford.

News1130: B.C.'s lack of COVID-19 social media messaging leading to uninformed youth: experts

Heidi Tworek discusses the importance of reaching youth with COVID-19 communications.


Book Launch Event: “The Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives”
May 6th, 12:30pm

Join this virtual book launch with Timothy Cheek, Klaus Mühlhahn, and Hans van de Ven. The Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives uses ten engaging personal histories to introduce readers to what it was like to live in and with the most powerful political machine ever created: the Chinese Communist Party.

Infrastructure Imagination: Charting Hong Kong’s Futures through Construction Photography
May 21st, 7pm

Cecilia Chu and Dorothy Tang discuss their work on a collection of construction photographs of major infrastructure projects completed in Hong Kong between 1972 and 1988. The collection, captured the unprecedented scale and complexity of infrastructure expansion during the “golden age of construction,” and convey a strong sense of optimism associated with economic and social progress of Hong Kong in this period.

The Elephant in the Room: the Leadership Crisis in Canada’s Cultural Sector
May 21st, 10am

As part of BC Museums Week ’21, the BC Museum’s Association will hold a session, facilitated by UBC History PhD Candidate Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra, on systemic racism in Canada’s museum sector.


Winter 2021 Courses Spotlight

HIST 383: Foundations of Sikh Traditions
Instructor: Dr. Anne Murphy

This class provides an introduction to the Sikh tradition, within the historical contexts of its formation. The goal of the class is to provide a basic understanding of the historical formations of Sikh tradition, Sikh thought and practice, and how Sikh traditions relate to a larger world.

Image: The British Library, 1860
Record Number:14299
Shelfmark: Add.Or.486

HIST 406: The Second World War
Instructor: Dr. David Borys

Precursors and consequences of the war; military, political, cultural, social, and economic histories of how the war shaped and reflected its global context. Themes include totalitarianism, genocide, and imperialism and decolonization