New Resource on Caregiving Grief and Loss

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Grieving can be a natural part of caregiving. Although most often associated with death, any loss (including loss of routine, plans, etc.) can cause feelings of grief and it can be a lonely and isolating experience. As a caregiver, you may encounter grief at different points in your caregiving journey. Understanding the stages and types of grief and how we process grief can help you prepare for and overcome the challenges that arise during these difficult times. OCO has recently launched a new resource page that can help support caregivers through this experience.

Please visit our new Caregiving Grief and Loss page to find more information and access useful tools.

January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month in Canada

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Caring for someone with dementia can be a rewarding experience but the journey can be overwhelming, and you may experience high levels of stress. Here are a few tips on managing and reducing stress:

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New Season of Time to Talk Podcast

Another exciting season of the Time to Talk podcast is here. In our first episode, you will meet Daniel Nowoselski, a caregiver for his father who was diagnosed with a rare condition during the pandemic. He discusses the challenges of being a caregiver while working full-time and finishing a degree, as well as working through emotions of fear, determination, and grief. Daniel also shares his experience with palliative care and how this type of care can help patients and families.

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Become a Peer Mentor with OCO

As a caregiver, you know how important it is to have a sounding board; someone who will listen and support you through your caregiving journey. A mentor can do that and pass on lived experiences to support another caregiver in a meaningful way.

In our Peer Support program, mentors and caregivers are matched based on their unique experiences. For many caregivers, accessing this kind of peer support helps to lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness. It helps to know they are not alone.

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Nurturing Your Mental Health and Wellness

Are you experiencing difficulties coping with the emotions that often come with being a caregiver? Do you want strategies, tools, and resources to improve your well-being? Join our returning SCALE program on February 6, 2024, to gain access to practical tips and personal support that will help you navigate your caregiving journey.


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Shout Out to Young Caregivers

OCO’s latest Spotlight Report indicates that 14% of caregivers in Ontario are young caregivers. They face many unique challenges and barriers in their caregiving journey. On January 30th, Young Caregiver Awareness Day, we recognize the various care and support young caregivers provide to their family and friends.

If you are a young caregiver in need of help, please visit our Young Caregivers Connect website or connect with our online peer support group.

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