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Winter Registration Opens This Monday!

Mark your calendars, registration for all gymnastics programs will open on Monday Jan 11 2021 starting at 7:00AM.

We are strongly encouraging contactless registration this term due to limited office hours. We cannot guarantee that over the phone registration will be available. In order to register online please:

  1. Visit our Parent FAQ page and read our COVID 19 Safety plan. It contains critical information you will need to know about the about changes you will encounter this term
  2. View and and search for all program details in our New Online Calender
  3. Create an Online Account in our NEW Online Registration System. Please be sure your account is active and you can login prior to registration day.

Participate in an Active Kids COVID-19 Research Study!

Who: If you have a child (or children) aged 5-11 years old who participated in an Active Kids Fall 2020 gymnastics program, participate in our research study!

What: UBC School of Kinesiology Researchers want to learn more about how your child(ren)’s experiences with physical activity have changed due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

Why: This study aims to examine parental perceptions of how their child(ren)’s physical activity habits have been impacted and their experiences with redesigned program models, like those at Active Kids. This information will potentially inform future modifications to Active Kids programming.


  1. Read the optional Parent Invitation for more general information, click here
  2. Read the Detailed Study Overview and Consent Form, click here
  3. Click here to submit your email and you will be contacted for next steps. OR email the Research Assistant directly at d.paterson@ubc.ca

BONUS - Gift Card and Active Kids Discount!

If you take part in this study we would like to recognize your time and contributions by offering a

  • $10 gift card AND
  • $10 credit on your next Active Kids gymnastics program registration fee

Outdoor Winter Activities for Toddlers

Winter is here and soon there will be snow!

It's important to keep your kids stay active during these time and what better way than to enjoy the winter season.

Click here for a list of outdoor activities for your toddler.

Nutrition Tips from the School of Kinesiology

A new year means new goals! Striving to better yourself can be challenging, especially if you are looking to have a healthier diet.

Click here for tips on meal prepping, portion tips, and ideas for cooking!


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In Person: Osborne Centre
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