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October 2018 NEWSLETTER


Important note about the upcoming issue of Cloudburst

We'll be putting together the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Cloudburst next month, and as always, it'll be jam-packed with great reads from members from every corner of the province. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Please note that this issue will be digital only. The hardcopy version may make a reappearanec in the future, but for now, be sure to check your inbox, not your mailbox. If you haven't yet signed up to receive the digital version of Cloudburst, you can do that at Please share the link with others, including other members of your outdoor club or organization, so no one misses out!

The FMCBC welcomes the Bowen Island Trail Society

A big welcome to our newest member club, the Bowen Island Trail Society (BITS)! They are a volunteer organization dedicated to building and maintaining a well-integrated and interconnected community trail network for non-motorized trail users on Bowen Island.

You can read more about BITS in the upcoming issue of Cloudburst. For now, you can check out their website and their Facebook page, and admire one of the island's beautiful trails, as seen in this month's e-news feature photo.

A farewell and thanks to Jodi Appleton

A message from FMCBC President Dave Wharton:

I’d like to spend a moment to reflect on Jodi Appleton leaving the Federation after a decade of hard work and dedication.

Jodi accomplished many things in her time, including really growing our membershipsomething that continues to today! She always provided clear and forthright guidance and advice to directors, volunteers and members. She initiated the club grants program and helped draft our last strategic plan. She coordinated the Risk Assessment Committee to assess insurance proposalsand, with Monika Bittel, developed our current waiver. The production of Cloudburst and the monthly e-news were just a couple of the communications tools she helped provide. Obtaining trail markers for clubs from a reliable source at a reasonable costwas also a real success! And then there was always the many mundane office chores she excelled at.

I know many of us are sad at Jodi’s departure and recognize that there’s a time for everything. Now it’s up to all of us to continue to work to keep our Federation as strong as possible knowing Jodi helped make the FMCBC the respected organisation it has become. The Federation continues to evolve and that is due to Jodi. She can certainly be proud of her accomplishments!

As President I know I speak for us all when I wish Jodi the very best of luck in the future!

Our Budget 2019 submission to the Select Standing Committee

Earlier this month, we made a Budget 2019 submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. We wrote in to request additional funding for both BC Parks and Recreation Sites and Trails, a division of FLRNRO, to address the increasing demands for public recreation opportunities in our provincial parks and protected areas and on Crown Land outside of our provincial park system.

You can read the letter here. The BC Parks Estimate Budget Changes from 2017/18 to 2018/19, as referenced in the letter, can be found here. Thanks to everyone who submitted their comments and feedback! It was all tremendously helpful in putting this submission together.

Our most recent response letters to Crown land applications

We've reviewed the application from Bridal Falls Gondola Corp. for a temporary 2-year Licence of Occupation to assess the feasibility of the construction of a multi-passenger gondola project above Bridal Falls in the Fraser Valley. Our preliminary comments and concerns with respect to the gondola proposal can be viewed in this letter. The comment period is now closed, but you can check out the application here.

Our other letter is in response to the application from Compass Heli Tours Ltd. for a Licence of Occupation to conduct multi-use adventure tourism activities in the Harrison Lake, Breakenridge, Nahatlatch River and Kwoiek Creek areas. The comment period for this application is also closed, but you can view the application here.

Backcountry Access Report

Last March, we attended a backcountry access meeting hosted by NDP Mid Island-Pacific Rim MLA Scott Fraser. The purpose of the meeting was to find solutions to backcountry access restrictions that have been increasing on Vancouver Island, and MLA Fraser addressed the group to help define the issues and seek support for improving public access across private forest lands.

MLA Fraser just released the final backcountry access report—the product of the well-attended community meetings in Port Alberni. Some of the ideas are good and dovetail nicely with the Right to Roam initiative. All in all, this document will help to serve as a reminder to government that it has unresolved access issues and Right to Roam legislation could assist in settling them.

For more on Right to Roam, visit:


Mountain Matters

New government website for BC Crown land use applications

The BC government recently created a new website that seeks to improve access to information and public engagement on applications for Crown land use in BC. All applications posted after Oct 15, 2018 will appear on the new site.

The new user-friendly website includes:

  • interactive maps
  • an improved system for posting and updating Crown land application status
  • the ability for users to include attachments with their comments
  • an improved way for staff to collect and review comments

Check it out at:


In the News


Here’s one more commercial Crown Land application worth checking out, this time for guided ski touring and hiking/helicopter access to a lodge near Golden. The public comment period is open until Nov. 10th.

Here’s a fascinating story out of Norway, where melting mountain ice has released a number of ancient skis. Together with the remains of sleds from the ice, these skis tell the story of human conquest of the high mountains.

Congrats to the Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Island Section, who celebrated the Grand Opening of the 5040 Peak Hut—the first Alpine Club of Canada hut on Vancouver Island. Read all about it.

The second half of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) Fall Series is right around the corner! Don’t miss the solid lineup of climbing, skiing and environmental films and speakers.

Heads up: During Grouse Mountain's new seasonal closure from Nov 1st - 12th, the Grouse Grind and BCMC Trail will remain open. But, there will be no download access on the Grouse Mountain Skyrides. As downhill hiking on the Grouse Grind is prohibited, hikers will need to use the BCMC Trail to return back down to the trailhead.

Thanks to Mike Nash of the Caledonia Ramblers for sharing the tale of his unfortunate highway encounter with a stray bullet. And also for this video of a recent Ramblers trip to the Northern Rockies of the Upper Anzac Valley northeast of Prince George, and for this video of the record low river levels in north central BC.


Feature Photo Credit

Thanks to Angela Huxham of the Bowen Island Trail Society for this month's feature photo. The image was taken along Handloggers Trail on a sunny fall day. It evokes the peace and quiet of Bowen's trails: uncrowded and unspoiled nature.


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