From left to right: Dexter, Salomé, Pierre, Chanel, Julie, Vincent, Catherine, James, Naomi, Elliot, Ian et Julia. 


Blue Massawippi puts 6 streams in the lake's immediate watershed under the microscope

Blue Massawippi is launching a declaration of war on blue-green algae and weed beds with its SOS Tributaries project, which began on May 31st.

Based on two criteria, total phosphorus and suspended solids, Blue Massawippi has selected the six tributaries of greatest concern.

Water and shoreline analyses along their entire length will be conducted to identify the likely sources of the unwanted overload. By this fall, it is anticipated that the problems will be identified and solutions will be drafted and proposed to the property owners and municipalities.

SOS Tributaries will analyze Brown's Hill Creek in Ayer's Cliff, Mc Connell and Webster streams in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, the second part of Webster stream and the Unnamed (#42) in North Hatley, the second part of the Unnamed (#42) and Leslie Stream in Hatley Township and Massawippi Creek in Hatley.


SOS Tributaries is one of 12 hand-picked projects that have attracted the attention of the PROGRAM DE SOUTIEN RÉGIONAL AUX ENJEUX DE L'EAU (PSREE).

Blue Massawippi and its partners are investing $67,000 of which nearly 75% is provided by the Quebec government.

This initiative is part of the 2018-2023 Action Plan of the Quebec Water Strategy, which deploys concrete measures to protect, use and manage water and aquatic environments in a responsible, integrated and sustainable manner.

Sediments = phosphorus

Blue Massawippi reminds us that excess phosphorus is the primary reason for cyanobacteria blooms.

Blue-green algae

Phosphorus, combined with sunlight and high temperatures, creates winning conditions for blue-green algae blooms and literally feeds aquatic plants.

Last year, public beaches in Lake Massawippi were closed for 5 days in mid-July due to blue-green algae.

Concrete results

Blue Massawippi hopes that SOS Tributaries will be just the beginning and that the positive, concrete and measurable results will justify the repetition of this protocol for the 33 streams that flow into Lake Massawippi as well as the Tomifobia River.


Four other organizations are supporting the process by contributing services: the municipalities of Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley and Hatley, the Corporation de la rivière noire and the Conseil de gouvernance de l'eau des bassins versants de la rivière Saint-François (COGESAF).


SOS Tributaries in numbers

6 streams

245 days

130 properties

50 phosphorus samples

200 sites with problems

1300 photos

100 analyses of cases

60 evaluations

40 applicable solutions

40 hours of mapping

44 team meetings

500  control points

3500 physico-chemical data

6 municipalities

72 turbidity lab hours

100 km of riverbanks

250 km to walk

70 hours of visual editing

1 conference

20 owners' notebooks

10 reports

15 media references

"For more than 20 years, in collaboration with the MRC, we have been alternating the analysis of 4 or 5 of the 33 streams flowing into Lake Massawippi, but the results remain unknown; meanwhile, cyanobacteria come back to threaten us every summer and weed beds are gaining strength. With the Programme de soutien régional aux enjeux de l’eau (PSREE), we seized the opportunity to go further"

Michèle Gérin, Director General, Blue Massawippi

"COGESAF is very pleased to collaborate on this project put forward by our long-time partner. It is the initiatives of dynamic and committed people involved in the water sector, such as Blue Massawippi, that make it possible to improve the quality of the water in the Saint-François River watershed. It is essential that all parties mobilize to preserve this precious resource.”

Stéphanie Martel, Director General, COGESAF

"We work on the lake, we fight against the zebra mussel, but in no way can we neglect the watershed and the immense impact of human activity on the territory surrounding the lake.

This help from the province of Québec comes at the right time in the context of our strategic planning."                              

Denis Petitclerc, Vice-President, Blue Massawippi


"The health of a lake is highly dependent on the bodies of water that feed it. And the waterways themselves depend mainly on the land management, decisions and actions of their residents. Aware of the importance of this project, it is with enthusiasm and pride that I take part in it!"

"This project is very important to me because it allows us to contribute to the maintenance of the health of the lake, the waterways and the environment. In addition, it involves working with shoreline residents and municipalities to achieve this goal together."

SOS TRIBUTARIES: In the field... (VIDEO)


To Marie-Claude Cantin and Karl F. Ehrlich who donated laboratory equipment used for SOS Tributaries.



SOS Tributaries in the field

Characterization of Leslie Stream, Outings 1 and 2

Sampling of the 6 tributaries, Outing 2

ÉTÉ at the Markets

Since yesterday, the ÉTÉ Project team has doubled its staff on Saturday mornings to ensure a presence at the Ayer's Cliff and North Hatley markets.

See you next Saturday?


Blue Massawippi at the day camps

The awareness capsules are back! Blue Massawippi will be at the North Hatley Club, Youhou camp, and at the Quebec Lodge to educate the kids.

Massawippi Beach

Catherine, Chanel and Eliott are on call to fill the beach needs for the Regional Park.

photos taken yesterday


Intelligent Boating

The first round of sampling has started quickly and at full force due to the warmer weather yesterday. Lots of people, lots of traffic.



The Massawippi Blue team has the privilege of seeing the NATURAL beauty of the lake and its watershed up close and personal and wants to share it.


Tributaries sometimes spill over into sunnier wetlands.

The Swamp Smartweed is in paradise here and blooms in abundance.


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