Issue 3: June, 2022

FOI Champion Tip - Cell Phone Numbers

We are often asked if cell phone numbers will be disclosed through the FOI process. The answer is that in the overwhelming majority of situations, if a cell phone number is included in an outgoing email signature, or can be found on the UBC Directory or elsewhere on the UBC website, we are not able to withhold it. Regardless of whether a cell phone is paid for by the University or not, if the number is included in an outgoing email signature or is posted online publicly, we would not consider the release of that number to be an unreasonable invasion of privacy.

What are considered "employee records"?

Unless otherwise indicated, when we send out a standard search for employee records, we are not looking for every single email communication to/from the employee. What we are looking for are records that would typically belong in an employment file, plus any email communications that highlight performance, attendance, reprimands etc. For example, emails we would need could include an email notifying of performance concerns, scheduled or unscheduled absences, medical appointments etc. If you have any doubt as to whether or not something is responsive to a request, you should send it to us and we will review it to decide if it should be included or not.

Interested in FOI Training?

Have you booked an FOI training session for your business unit and/or team yet? Our office offers a short 30-minute training session on the fundamentals of Freedom of Information requests where you can learn how the FOI process works, what information people are entitled to, and how to ensure you manage your records in a legally compliant manner.

We also offer privacy training and would be happy to tailor training to your specific needs. Please reach out to Suzanne directly discuss your needs and coordinate a training session with your business unit.

FOI Champion Annual Meeting

In the next month or so we will be sending out some proposed dates for the Annual FOI Champion Meeting that will be taking place in October. This will be an opportunity to provide you with any important updates as it relates to the FIPPA and also discuss any questions, ideas or concerns that you may have. Please send any proposed agenda items to Suzanne and keep an eye out for the doodle poll in the next few weeks.