IRES Newsletter: September 5, 2022

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The IRES Seminar Series returns on September 8th with Lisa Westerhoff's talk on life after academia, from research to policymaking! Please take note of the location of our Seminars this term, as they are not in a fixed room. This seminar will be in the Beaty Museum Auditorium.

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Webinar on September 8th with Dr. Kai Chan:


Learn how we can change the dominant culture that supresses transformative visions, and how easy it can be to amplify the work of youth leaders. Everyone's invited - share broadly!

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Our Seminar Series continues on September 15th with grad students Carly and Diana!

Please note that this seminar will be held in the Beaty Museum Auditorium.

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Dr. Leila Harris was featured on CO-Water Voice, leading to a conversation on the pluriverse of water systems, as well as the spatial and scalar dimensions of water conflict.

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Partnering with the Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Program, IRES grad students produced 9 research projects to improve local sustainability: 

Reimagining Active School Transportation in the Acadia Park Neighborhood

Jessica Koski, Raihan Hassen & Savonnaé Street

Perceptions of Stormwater Management Policy at UBC Residences

Elina Eronen, Emily Edwards, Maria Larissa Silva Santos and Simone Rawal

Effects of Mixed-Use Green Roof on Student Community & Subjective Well-Being: A Case Study of the University of British Columbia’s Exchange Residence Green Roof

Lea M. Anderson and Kah Mun Wan

Birds on UBC’s Campus: A Mixed-Method Approach to Prioritize Bird Species and Assess Habitat Needs to Inform Policy & Campus Design

Emily Edwards, Dan Forrest, Marika Laird, and Alina Zeng

Enhanced Environmental Resilience for REAP 4.0: Connecting Biodiversity, Stormwater and Climate Change Adaptation

Grace Schaan, Vanessa Amorocho, Annika Ord, Celeste Pomerantz, Shuoqi Ren

One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure: Reimagining Furniture Use at the University of British Columbia

Brittney Wong, Giulia Belotti, Glory Oreoluwa, Jaden Phillips, Josh Travers, Rona MacNicol

Developing a Framework for a Circularity Analysis at UBC

Brittney Wong, Giulia Belotti, Glory Oreoluwa, Josh Travers, Rona MacNicol

Student-Activists’ Narratives on Organizing for Climate Justice in Institutional Settings: An Observational and Participatory Qualitative Study

Manvi Bhalla

Birds on Campus: Assessing Sources of Unintentional Feeding to Inform Policy and Campus Design

Eline Eronen, Dana Johnson, Kah Mun Wan

Job Opportunities

Graduate Student Opportunities

UBC Library Research Commons Newsletter

Check out the latest UBC Library Research Commons Newsletter for events, workshops, and more! 

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UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Update Newsletter

Check out the latest "GradUpdate" - a weekly snapshot of workshops and opportunities available to UBC graduate students.

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Urban Analytics (Graduate Research Methods) | Course Offering

As more and more aspects of daily life become digitally mediated, planners can study urban processes in new ways. Urban analytics is an umbrella term for using new data forms in combination with computational approaches to better understand cities. While increasing data availability allows us to ask new questions –or shed new light on enduring ones– planners need to understand and weigh the risks and opportunities of this data revolution to harness it responsibly. This course is delivered in two parts. The first part teaches the fundamentals of python coding for urban data science. The second part focuses on application. Students will work on mini-research projects to apply their knowledge. Additionally, students will develop literacy in urban analytics publications and the field’s quickly evolving emerging debates.

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PPGA 591O Special Topics – Territorial Disputes and Cross-Border Conflicts | Course Offering

The seminar explores territorial disputes and border making. The goal is to examine how borders are formed and when the borders of the nation-state become fixed. The course will familiarize students with the normative dilemmas of and political struggles over territorial sovereignty and ownership of territory in the contemporary world. Territorial claims are the primary cause of wars and are a continued source of international conflicts (India-China). The class will examine why, when, how and which territory becomes contested. The students will use readings from a broad range of disciplines, history, colonial territorial conquest, and geographical/mapping and international relations.

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Graduate Research Assistant

Professor Jocelyn Stacey (Allard Law) is looking to hire a graduate research assistant for September to April for research related to critical disaster studies and community-based disaster research. Tasks will include literature and policy reviews, as well as coordinating meetings and workshops with UBC faculty and community members.

The successful candidate will have excellent project management and communication skills, a strong foundation in qualitative research methodologies, and an interest in working with folks on and off campus.


Deadline: August 31, 2022


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GPODS 2022 Applications Open for Fall Cohorts

GPODS Fellowship is a program for public policy practitioners, business professionals, energy and climate change experts, entrepreneurs, academicians, scholars, and strategic analysts to act as a launchpad for their careers. It has also served as a platform for those looking to transition their career into the fields of public policy, diplomacy, and sustainability.

Through the 3 month intensive program over the summers, GPODS Fellows will be able to take up a variety of courses and skill workshops to build a foundational understanding of global governance, policy, sustainable ecosystems, and strategic issues from a multidimensional perspective.


Deadline: September 15, 2022


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Canadian Parks, Protected and Conserved Areas Leadership Collective

Three opportunities are available youth/student in the areas of equity, diversity and includsion, and in learning and travel.


Deadline: September 12, 2022


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Sustainability Hub: Applications open for Sustainability Scholars and Work Learn position

Work Learn CLL Program Assistant: Apply here

We are looking for a graduate student to join the Sustainability Hub team this Fall as our CLL Program Assistant. Support the implementation of the knowledge dissemination strategy for the program, become involved with cutting-edge interdisciplinary and applied research projects around campus and create interesting and insightful content and materials.

Deadline: September 6, 2022

Sustainability Scholars

We are currently accepting applications for over 25 UBC Sustainability Scholars internships that will commence October 17, 2022. Current UBC graduate students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to confirm the eligibility requirements and apply.

Successful candidates will work under the guidance of a mentor at the partner organization, and are immersed in real world learning where they can apply their research skills and contribute to advancing organizational sustainability goals. Each Scholar receives $25 per hour to complete 250 hours of work.

Deadline: midnight Sunday September 18, 2022

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Recent IRES Publications

Jolly, H., Satterfield, T., Kandlikar, M., TR, Suma. (2022) Indigenous insights on human–wildlife coexistence in southern India Conservation Biology.

Higo J. Dalmagro, Pricila J. de Souza, Matheus M. Engelbrehct, Paulo H.Z. de Arruda, Fernando da S. Sallo, George L. Vourlitis, Michael J. Lathuillière, Osvaldo B. Pinto Junior, José de S. Nogueira, Mark S. Johnson, Eduardo G. Couto. (2022). Net carbon dioxide exchange in a hyperseasonal cattle pasture in the northern Pantanal wetland of BrazilAgricultural and Forest Meteorology.

Chang SE, Brown C, Handmer J, Helgeson J, Kajitani Y, Keating A, Noy I, Watson M, Derakhshan S, Kim J, Roa-Henriquez A. Business recovery from disasters: Lessons from natural hazards and the COVID-19 pandemic. Int J Disaster Risk Reduct. (2022). doi: 10.1016/j.ijdrr.2022.103191. 

Sidhu, B.S., Mehrabi, Z., Kandlikar, M., Ramankutty, N. On the relative importance of climatic and non-climatic factors in crop yield models. Climatic Change (2022).

Nathan J. Bennett, Kai M. A. Chan. Chapter: The Ethics of Marine Protected Areas. Book: The Routledge Companion to Environmental Ethics 

Liebert, J., Benner, R., Bezner Kerr, R. et al. Farm size affects the use of agroecological practices on organic farms in the United States. Nature Plants (2022).

Kephra Beckett, Elizabeth Elle, Claire Kremen, Abbie Sherwood, Sofie McComb, Tara G. Martin.
Hyperabundant black-tailed deer impact endangered Garry oak ecosystem floral and bumblebee communities. Global Ecology and Conservation. 2022.

Karandikar, H., Serota, M. W., Sherman, W. C., Green, J. R., Verta, G., Kremen, C., & Middleton, A. D. (2022). Dietary patterns of a versatile large carnivore, the puma (Puma concolor). Ecology and Evolution, 12, e9002.

Zia Mehrabi, Ruth Delzeit, Adriana Ignaciuk, Christian Levers, Ginni Braich, Kushank Bajaj, Araba Amo-Aidoo, Weston Anderson, Roland A. Balgah, Tim G. Benton, Martin M. Chari, Erle C. Ellis, Narcisse Z. Gahi, Franziska Gaupp, Lucas A. Garibaldi, James S. Gerber, Cecile M. Godde, Ingo Grass, Tobias Heimann, Mark Hirons, Gerrit Hoogenboom, Meha Jain, Dana James, David Makowski, Blessing Masamha, Sisi Meng, Sathaporn Monprapussorn, Daniel Müller, Andrew Nelson, Nathaniel K. Newlands, Frederik Noack, MaryLucy Oronje, Colin Raymond, Markus Reichstein, Loren H. Rieseberg, Jose M. Rodriguez-Llanes, Todd Rosenstock, Pedram Rowhani, Ali Sarhadi, Ralf Seppelt, Balsher S. Sidhu, Sieglinde Snapp, Tammara Soma, Adam H. Sparks, Louise Teh, Michelle Tigchelaar, Martha M. Vogel, Paul C. West, Hannah Wittman, Liangzhi You. Research priorities for global food security under extreme events. 2022. One Earth.



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