DECEMBER 22, 2021 | No. 21


55.3% of you have endorsed the agreement in principle reached with the Québec government in November. This decision puts an end to over two years of contract talks that were held to renew your collective agreement. Your bargaining team will meet the Treasury Board Secretariat over the next few days to agree on the final wording of the new collective agreement, so that it can be signed early in 2022. As soon as it’s signed, the clock will start ticking for you to receive pay retroactivity. The new premiums we’ve obtained will also start to apply.

This was a long and difficult bargaining process. We were up against the Legault government’s stubborn determination to favour only a few job titles, even though the difficulty of attracting and retaining personnel – a difficulty leading to unsustainable levels of work overload – is present throughout the health and social services system.

The process was also disrupted by the pandemic, which forced us to reduce the number of our gatherings and find other ways of consulting you. The situation was certainly not in our favour. However, we’ve come out of the process with our heads held high. Together, we fought to the end to get you the best possible collective agreement under the circumstances.

The collective agreement will be available on the APTS website as soon its wording has been finalized. You’ll then be able to see the full details of the gains we’ve achieved for you.

The bargaining team thanks you for your mobilization, which is unprecedented in APTS history. The process was exhausting and sometimes bewildering, but together, we won.

To keep on improving your conditions of work and practice, the next step for us is to get ready for a new round of contract talks. That will start in October 2022.


Happy holidays from your provincial bargaining team!