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--------------- WHAT'S NEW ?

New Sales Manager for the Construction Division

Gilbert is proud to announce the nomination of Heidi Danbrook to the position of Sales Manager for the Construction Division. For the past twenty years, Ms. Danbrook has been the Sales Manager for Gilbert’s Planermill Division. Her experience and knowledge has lead the company to earn its title as a first-class world leader in the Planermill Industry. Gilbert is convinced that her customer-oriented approach will lead the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip to new markets. Since August 2020, her new position it to manage all Sales for the company’s four divisions: Construction, Planermill, Forestry and Snowgrooming equipment.


Most rapid delivery on the market

Over the past year, Gilbert have put all their efforts in place to keep the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip MG-60 and MG-90 stocked in factory. As soon as we get the customer’s excavator specs, the attachment is designed and built within a week.

Rapid service has been the key to our success over the busy summer period. Over 15 side grip pile drivers were sold in July and are in operation throughout Europe and North American important construction sites.


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--------------- JOB STORIES

Driving tubes from a barge 

A pile driving contractor located in Switzerland had to drive 12-inch tubes used for a boat docking project. A Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip MG-60 side grip pile driver installed on a Komatsu PC-290 was used to accomplish this job. The handling ability and ease of movement was a key factor for them as they had to work out from a barge. Hundreds of these piles have been successfully driven using the side grip method.


Logging road bridge in Washington State 

H-beams were installed with a MG-90 pile driver for a logging road bridge in Western USA. The Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip vibratory pile driver can install piles on almost any job site with limited access or adverse conditions prohibiting the use of a crane.


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--------------- NEW FEATURE

NEW Generation IQAN Control & Assistance System

Gilbert’s devoted engineering team has made significant improvements to the operator control system.

Since June 2020, our customers have highly benefited from our new IQAN Control and Assistance system.

‘’This new screen is a lot more fun to work with!’’ cited an Operator in the field, ‘’ We went from a small black and white screen, to a new 7 inch color touch screen!’’

Proven advantages of the new IQAN system are: it is very User-Friendly, it registers operation data, and it is remote access. Our Service team can log onto the customer’s system from anywhere in the world. This feature has strongly been important during the pandemic period, where traveling to different construction sites has been limited.

This new system is very easy to install on all excavator models. It can also be retrofitted to all existing Gilbert Grizzly Pile Driver operations.


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--------------- WORLDWIDE NEWS

New dealership territory for ShearForce 

We are proud to announce the expansion of ShearForce’s dealership territory in the northwestern United States, including the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

For over four years now, ShearForce Equipment has been the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip dealer in British Colombia, building a strong service and support offering from their head office in Langley, BC. “We are ready and equipped to support our customers on the ground across the Pacific Northwest region in the US,” added Brad Dewit, president of ShearForce Equipment.


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