Last Monday, for the reopening of the venues, the orchestra expressed its joy at being able to finally play in front of a live audience.



On November 17, in a special newsletter, we announced that Alain Aubut, cellist and founding member of the orchestra, had been diagnosed with cancer in the throat region. He took the tough but necessary decision to withdraw from the orchestra while he was on his radiation treatment. The treatments were very successful. It is with a heart full of joy that we celebrated Alain’s return this week for the Stéphane Tétreault and Yuli’s legacy concert.


— Stéphane Tétreault and Yuli's legacy

Yesterday, two performances of our concert "Stéphane Tétreault and Yuli's legacy" took place. The vertiginous technical difficulties rubbed shoulders with romanticism, offering a concert full of emotions. It was a real success! Thank you to our magnificent audience for being present!

Congratulations to all the musicians, our conductor Jean-François Rivest and our collaborator, long-time accomplice and artist in residence I Musici Stéphane Tétreault!

Would you like to learn more about the connection between Stéphane Tétreault and Yuli Turovsky, founder of I Musici? Watch Stéphane’s interview with Winston McQuade!

Missed the concert? You can watch it as a webcast from February 17 to March 6!



During the pandemic, these private concerts have provided many seniors with a moment of peace and a break from social isolation. This initiative will be repeated in long-term care homes, even when the health emergency is lifted.

“The generosity of the musicians and the live music experience go is very soothing for residents and staff. It breaks the routine while bringing joy and peace. These concerts are precious to us, we are very lucky!”

- Manon Bélanger, Résidences de-la-Salle




I Musici de Montréal is proud to act as a catalyst and inspiration for the new generation of young conductors. During our activities in the Pierre-Mercure hall, throughout this season, students are invited to attend rehearsals and even meet the conductor, Jean-François Rivest, to discuss various technical and artistic aspects of musical work.


"I would like to thank I Musici de Montréal and the conductor Jean-François Rivest for letting me watch the rehearsals at the Pierre-Mercure hall. It is very important, even essential, for a young conductor like me to see how he communicates with his musicians, how he organizes the work, and especially how he encourages his musicians to understand his idea and interpretation. I can see it all changing during rehearsals.”

- Evgenii Sakmarov
Student conductor
Graduate level, Université de Montréal


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