VOLUME 12 No. 9 | MAY 2, 2022

Marching for workers' rights

On May 1, thousands of citizens came together to mark International Workers’ Day in Québec towns and cities. The theme of the Montréal march, Pour vivre comme du monde, emphasized workers’ right to a decent life, with people marching for good jobs, decent wages, humane workloads, sufficient rest periods, and genuine access to work/family/personal life balance.

For more information (in French), see the press release put out by Coalition du 1er mai, of which the APTS is a member, and read an open letter summarizing three of the Coalition’s most important demands.

DON'T MISS IT | Building bridges and achieving victories

An evening of exchanges on the challenges facing the labour movement took place on April 29 – and if you weren’t able to see it live, you can now watch it offline. APTS president Robert Comeau and leaders of the CSN, CSQ, CSD, FAE, FTQ and FIQ shared intuitions, concerns and solutions as they talked about mobilization, internal democracy, alliances, the transformation of work, social justice, and many other issues.

Consultation workbooks adopted at the APTS General Council

Our General Council in Jonquière was highly productive. Over three days, on April 26, 27 and 28, delegates not only adopted two consultation workbooks in view of the next round of provincial contract talks, but also chose a framework for our permanent mobilization structure, gave the APTS a set of priorities for provincial action, and attended the official launch of the Guide des pratiques. A full report on the General Council will be found in our next issue, along with information on the consultations that will help us get ready for upcoming contract talks. Stay tuned!

PETITION | We want decent working conditions in the DI-TSA mission

It’s not too late to show your support for colleagues working with clients who have an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder (DI-TSA). In the video below, you’ll hear some of them talk about the difficult realities of their job. We encourage you to show solidarity by sharing the video and signing the online petition.

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Our new collective agreement, settlement of 2010 pay equity complaints, and CNESST benefits

If you’ve received income replacement indemnities from the CNESST for an employment injury (recognized as such) or for protective leave as a pregnant woman, and payment of these benefits started on or after April 1, 2020, you can ask the CNESST for an adjustment.

For more information on how to go about this, see the news item on the APTS website (in French) or go to the CNESST website.

Biomedical engineering technical coordinators: MSSS still won't acknowledge the value of the job

In a decision about the value of the biomedical engineering technical coordinator job, arbitrator Beaulieu sided with the APTS – and the MSSS has now decided to apply for judicial review. We’ve just learned that the case will be heard by the Superior Court on June 20 and 21. We’ll let you know what happens.

Psychosocial risks at work and psychological health

Québec’s public health institute, the INSPQ, has been documenting the connection between psychosocial risks in the workplace and workers’ psychological health during the pandemic. The Institute has suggestions about what can be done to protect your mental health before, during, and after a public health crisis.

A new Web tool, Carrefour de la prévention organisationnelle, has been developed to make INSPQ findings available in one place (in French). We think you’ll find it useful – and many thanks to those of you who participated in INSPQ consultations for this project.

PETITION | 10 days of paid leave for victims of spousal abuse

When you’re dealing with violence, leaving the environment that threatens your safety and the safety of your children is just the first step. Often, you’ll be looking for things such as housing, care, and legal advice. L'Intersyndicale des femmes (inter-union women’s coalition) argues that providing 10 days of paid leave is a key measure to ensure victims don’t lose part of their salary as they look for a safe place to live.

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SSQ car and home insurance

In late May, those of you who don’t have car and home insurance with the SSQ will receive a letter signed by APTS president Robert Comeau, explaining the special benefits available to you as an APTS member.

If you’re insured with the SSQ, these rebates should already apply – check with the SSQ Customer Centre to make sure they have your address. If you have any questions, you can contact SSQ Customer Services directly at 1-866-777-2886.