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We are very pleased to announce that the Annual National Formation (ANF) conference is confirmed to take place in Ottawa on June 17 and 18, 2022. It has been a long time since we have been able to be together as Vincentians and this has created even more anticipation in all of us as we plan the event. Our theme for the 2022 ANF is HUNGER. We believe that this is a powerful and timely theme because it goes to the heart of the work of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, nationally and internationally. It represents the hunger we all have for our spiritual life as Vincentians, our hunger to connect with others socially through our daily interactions with each other and the people we serve, and of course the hunger for food that is a basic need for all.

We have chosen Carleton University’s new Richcraft Hall which overlooks the Rideau River and offers a bright and spacious location for our meetings. This year we are creating space for a live Chat Room with tables set up to accommodate conversations on a variety of topics that are of interest to Vincentians. Members can pick a table and invite others to join the discussion. In the same area, we have invited Conferences and Councils to display information about their projects and/or promising ideas for serving people in need. Richcraft Hall also offers large and small meeting rooms to accommodate the workshops that are a consistent part of the ANF. Our workshops this year will fall within the theme of hunger. We have been receiving proposals and we will offer several choices in French and English. These will be announced as we get closer to the event.

We have confirmed two plenary speakers for the 2022 ANF; we are please to announce that MP Francis Drouin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and Marie-José Mastromonaco, Second Harvest, Chief of Operations (Québec & Nunavut) have accepted our invitation to address the assembly. The Parliamentary Secretary will speak about the state of hunger in Canada, the government’s initiatives to reduce food insecurity, and how the charitable sector can assist the Minister to achieve the objectives of zero hunger. Ms Mastromonaco will inform us about recovering wasted food in our society as part of their Food Rescue initiative and how charitable organizations may participate and benefit from this initiative; note that several SSVP conferences already participate. Both of our plenary speakers have a relevant and timely message for the Society.

I urge all of you who can attend, to do so. This time together offers more than just information. It gives us the connection and the sense of belonging that nourishes the soul and revives our faith.

Deborah Joyce, Chair
National Formation Committee


Annual National Formation (ANF)

Ottawa, Ontario
June 17 and 18, 2022




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We are excited to invite you to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Annual National Formation (ANF) to be held in Ottawa on June 17 and 18, 2022 at Carleton University.

The theme for the 2022 ANF is HUNGER; this theme covers hunger on different levels, such as hunger for spirituality, human contact, the continuity of SSVP as well as the hunger we address in our communities related to food insecurities.

We are offering multiple workshops in French and English and a Live Chat Room for an opportunity to exchange ideas and enter into conversations with our fellow Vincentians on their initiatives. We are also pleased to offer a plenary session with a keynote speaker (TBA). The theme of HUNGER will be a thread that runs throughout the two-day event.

The Live Chat Room / Exposition Hall is a forum where members, conferences or councils can identify a topic for discussion or share their successful initiatives/projects with other Vincentians. Please reserve a spot at the LIVE CHAT ROOM to present your initiative or project by filling this SUBMISSION FORM.

Workshops are typically 75 minutes long, to include presentation with a question and answer period. Presenters must provide their own presentation material. Please submit your WORKSHOP proposal by filling this SUBMISSION FORM.


This in-person event is long-awaited after our hibernation over the last two years. Our hope is to create an inspiring and uplifting event in which we can once again network and enjoy each other’s company and wisdom. We hope to see you there.

National Formation Committee

Please note that at the March 26 National Council board meeting, it was decided to have the statutory meeting, a.k.a. as the Annual General Assembly (AGA), at a later date.




Simon stopped in hesitation.
Not foreseeing his proud station.
Called to bear the Cross of Christ.

A bit of background may be in order. We know that Simon was from Cyrene, a city in North Africa in what we now know as Libya. It was a city with significant Jewish population. Simon had likely come to Jerusalem to be part of the Passover celebration, not to do good works or engage in a prison ministry - certainly not to carry the cross of Christ. The bible tells us he was the father of Rufus and Alexander, two men who were familiar enough to early Christians that they would have been known to those reading the story by their first names. To this extent, we can infer that Simon would have heard about Jesus and His works from his sons.


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In solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are being pressured to leave their beloved country to flee the war, and to assist with the exodus of people from Ukraine to neighboring countries or refugees who will be coming to Canada, the National Council of Canada has established a special appeal “Emergency Ukraine”; in conjunction with the International Confederation of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Commission for International Aid and Development (CIAD) , funds will be directed where aids will be required.

Donations can be made at:





As we continue our efforts to expand our social justice network across Canada, it may be worth looking at a document that is often overlooked. Catholic Social Teachings is a summary of papal encyclicals and other Catholic social thoughts.



Here are ten building-blocks upon which the Church's entire social teaching rests.

by Fr. Robert P. Maloney, CM.




Vincentians are called to serve our neighbours living in poverty. Traditionally, we have done this by acts of charity. But also, we are called to help our neighbours to change the circumstances of their lives by helping them remove the barriers which keep them in poverty. We call this part of our work, systemic change.




Our National Housing Campaign was launched in February 2021 with our National Action Plan, accessible at the national website. (

On the national level we have developed a collaborative effort with the National Right to Housing, the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH), Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada (CHAC). In addition, we are in partnership with two Vincentian organizations in the Institute for Global Homelessness (IGH), and the Famvin Homeless Alliance (FHA).



Online communication


The Mother Teresa Conference, Moncton, New Brunswick, is twinned with the Virgen de Guadalupe Conference, Ixcán, Playa Grande, Quiché, Guatemala.

The following is an update from the President of the recipient conference, on the assistance provided by the twinning contributions received last year.



Q: When can we start in-person Home Visits? Do we wear masks in people’s homes, and do we ask those we visit to wear masks

A: The answers are very dependent on the local /regional/provincial Public Health requirements; however, prevention and precaution are always good measures to apply to manage the risks to members and those being assisted. This will still vary greatly across the country and even between adjacent communities.

There is no national Society prohibition against resuming in-person Home Visits. Unless otherwise prohibited due to local/regional/provincial health requirements, SSVP members are encouraged to meet persons in need once again in person, either in their homes or in another safe environment. Masks are still recognized as a good prevention and precaution tool.




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