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Cette semaine, la veille regroupe plusieurs sujets dont:



Communications du secteur culturel

Investissement de 1M$ pour des projets artistiques écoresponsables à Montréal

Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) et le Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM), en collaboration avec Culture Montréal, annoncent aujourd'hui une nouvelle Entente de partenariat territorial en lien avec la collectivité du territoire de l'Île de Montréal. Un montant de 1 000 000 $ sera investi sur trois années (2022-2025) par le CAM et le CALQ dans le cadre de cette entente de laquelle découlera un nouveau programme pour le soutien de projets écoresponsables.

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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

State of Data in the Music Industry

What were the main goals and challenges for music professionals working with data in 2021? What were the most used music data tools? What are the leading segments for data-related investments across the industry? How the emergence of AI-driven data tech might affect the recording industry?

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Music‘s Environmental Impact

“Decomposed: The Political Ecology of Music,” an eye-opening exploration of the material infrastructure that lies behind vinyl disks (and internet apps). The cloud, by the way? It’s a place. And it burns gas just like the rest of us.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

One Year of the Billboard Global Charts: The Artists, Countries and Trends That Are Shaping the Global Music Scene

This in-depth report reviews the international superstars and emerging markets that have shaped the first year of the global charts.

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Video Games Inspire a Generation of Classical Music Fans

Video game music is now an important part of society and a part of the daily lives of so many people around the world,” Forsberg says. “If there's a use for us as a symphony orchestra to share the experience of what we do in our homes—our classical concert halls—and show people what can be done with these beautiful instruments with hundreds of years of tradition, I think that's of great value to new audiences.

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Politiques publiques

La régulation des GAFA face au piège irlandais

L'Europe veut boucler en 2022 deux projets législatifs majeurs pour faire rentrer dans le rang les géants du numérique : le Digital Services Act (DSA) et le Digital Markets Act (DMA). Mais seront-ils seulement appliqués ? L'exemple malheureux du RGPD (Règlement général sur la protection des données) , largement inopérant en raison du peu d'empressement de la CNIL irlandaise, laisse circonspect.

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European Parliament’s culture committee demands action from European Commission on “reciprocity” approach to international royalties

The Chair of the European Parliament’s culture committee has asked the European Commission for clarity on when it will launch its study into the impact of a copyright ruling in the European Union courts last year regarding the flow of recording royalties between countries.

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Stress et résilience des organismes artistiques au Canada

Ce rapport statistique est le premier de la nouvelle série RSA en bref, conçue pour explorer des sujets tels l’engagement du public envers l’art, le bien-être des artistes et des organismes artistiques, et les retombées de la pandémie de COVID-19.

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Wall Street Is Buying Up Music Rights: Cities Should Too

While much focus is on existing rights and big name artists, any song written anywhere could become a hit, so investing in the infrastructure to maximize the chances of that happening, while also taking a stake in the spoils should it do so, is a sound investment.

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Actualités techno

TikTok and social media’s explosion in music is only going to get louder

TikTok went from being ‘the app formerly known as’ – famous for its short lip-synced videos, and one of the youngest user bases of any platform – to the TikTok we see today: a platform that hosts live virtual concerts by global superstars like The Weeknd and whose lead creators are releasing reality TV shows, hit tracks and starring in big box office movies.

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Canada’s First Opera Hackathon Combines Opera And High Tech

Games these days are accessible on a vast selection of platforms and cover a broad range of genres and topics. The democratization of game development engines like Unity and Unreal Engine has fueled the rise of independent game developers. These passionate folks are now using game engines to create artistic, innovative and interactive media of all types. It is exciting to see how these creators can help to shape the future of opera.

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