Fall 2023 - Issue 1
Graduate studies and double degree

GO-Poly is a welcome and integration program created specifically for you. Follow us for an optimal start in your new university environment!


First of all, the GO-Poly team welcomes you to Polytechnique Montréal and congratulates you on your admission!

We know it: starting graduate studies in a new university requires to familiarize yourself with many new elements. Through newsletters, a website, webinars and welcome activities, the GO-Poly program will provide you with essential information on registration, course selection, IT tools, materials and more!

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In order to be informed of all the important steps before and during your first semester at Polytechnique Montréal, follow the new student journey, which has been specially developed for new graduate students. It is an essential reminder!

My journey: Master, DESS and Ph.D

My journey: Double Degree (in French only)


You would like to learn about types of housing, Montreal rental market's rules, websites to start your research, settling in (internet, electricity, home insurance, etc.) and more? Take a look at the housing section of our website!

Housing section



Now that you have been admitted to Polytechnique Montréal, you will need to confirm your registration for the Fall 2023 semester during the university calendar period,
from August 8 to September 12, 2023.


➡️ New Master, DESS and Ph.D students
You will need to establish a study plan with your director of studies or research, and then make your course selection in your student file, within the allotted time.

Study plan for graduate studies

➡️ Double degree with an integrating semester students
Your course schedule will appear in your student file three business days after you confirm your registration. The study plan is not required for the integration term.


In order to avoid potential sources of financial stress, find out about:

  • Tuition fees
  • Students' approximate annual budget
  • The Student financial assistance programs
  • Scholarships
  • Tuition payment

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At this point, you should have already started your immigration process. If not, start them now!

To study at Polytechnique Montreal, most students will need a CAQ for Studies, a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident visa or an electronic travel authorization to enter Canada. These procedures can take several months depending on your nationality, your country of residence and the Canadian Visa Office where your applications will be processed.

You cannot come to Canada if you do not have all the required immigration authorizations to study. As a precautionary measure, when purchasing your airline tickets, inquire about the conditions associated with flight rescheduling or cancellation. See our web page about booking your ticket and possible arrival dates.

Read more about immigration procedures

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