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Finding opportunities in the pandemic.

One of the biggest questions we are hearing from financial advisors right now is, “How do I get new clients when I can’t meet people in person?” Prospecting challenges were real for advisors pre-pandemic so the added social-distancing challenges have left advisors and business owners scrambling to figure out how to adjust their process so they can still find prospecting success.


  • A lot of advisors aren’t confident they are putting their best foot forward with selling their value via phone or zoom meeting.
  • It can feel poorly timed to reach out to prospects, especially if you are speaking with someone who is in an industry that has been hit hard by COVID restrictions.
  • Many are checking in more with existing clients or have experienced process changes within their office therefore they have less time to prospect.

Here are some important things to remember:

Know Your Value

Prospects who do not have an advisor or perhaps have an advisor who doesn’t connect with them regularly, will be feeling even more in need of advice now versus before. Now is a good time, and we have seen some advisors go back to reach out to former/cold prospects as well.

Be Referable

Many people are concerned about their finances right now. This is a prime opportunity to ensure your clients are aware you are there as a resource to help their family and friends if they have questions. Don’t be the best kept secret.

Make a Good Impression Online/Over Phone

Always take a few minutes to do introductions and chat before discussing business. You can gauge this introduction timeframe based on how much your prospect is talking. Give time for questions and comments. Use visual aids and send ahead of time if you are meeting by phone or have onscreen for video. Slow down your pace and annunciate clearly and ask good, emotional connecting questions.  

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