An update about The Ottawa Hospital's new campus

The main entrance of The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus.

A hospital for everyone: Building one of Canada’s most accessible hospitals

We’ve all been there – late for an appointment, rushing to find a parking spot and frantic to find the elevator that will take us to the correct floor.

Going to a hospital for care or to visit a loved one can be stressful. The Ottawa Hospital wants to make getting to, navigating and using the facilities at our new hospital and new hospital campus as easy and comfortable as possible for everyone.

“One of the priorities from the beginning as we plan the new hospital and campus is to make it as efficient and as easy as possible for everyone to get where they’re going,” said Karen Stockton, Executive Director of Planning and Development at The Ottawa Hospital. “We want the new facility to be welcoming for people with a wide range of abilities and for patients and their families to be as comfortable as possible whether they’re staying in hospital, visiting or here for outpatient services or clinics.”

An aerial view of construction at The Ottawa Hospital's new campus.