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Information & Resources for Lobbyist Registration in Ontario

Issue 26

December 2022


Holding a lobby day at Queen’s Park? Be sure to update your lobbyist registration.

Lobby days may require you to update the lobbying targets listed in your registration.

MPPs and staff who attend your lobby day should be included in your registration.

Additionally, businesses and organizations should track their employees’, paid officers’ and directors’ hours at the event as this time counts towards the 50-hour registration threshold. Remember that the time is cumulative. This means that five employees attending a two-hour meeting with public office holders equals 10 hours of lobbying. Consultant lobbyists who are working with a client to organize a lobby day should let the client know that their employees’ hours need to be counted and may require registration.

Read about the 50-hour threshold for in-house lobbyists in the following Interpretation Bulletins:

Bulletin #3A: Does my business have to register?

Bulletin #3B: Does my not-for-profit organization have to register?

Consultants who assist their client by inviting public office holders to attend the lobby days must register these activities within 10 calendar days. Read about arranging meetings between a client and a public office holder:

Bulletin #9: Do I have to register if I only arrange a meeting?

Remember that if you're holding a lobby day or reception and plan to offer refreshment or any type of gift or benefit, you should consult our Guidance for Lobbyists on Gifts & Benefits.

Have a question about lobby days and your obligations under the Act? Contact us to request an Advisory Opinion.


We made some lists…you can check them twice!

Whether you are new to the Ontario lobbyists registration system or have used it for a long time, our checklists can help you save time and ensure you meet the requirements of the Lobbyists Registration Act. There is a registry and a compliance checklist for each type of lobbyist – consultant, in-house person and partnership, and in-house organization.

The registry checklists cover the information you will need to have on hand when you complete an initial registration or file your annual or semi-annual renewal.

Make your registration experience smooth by reviewing the checklist before you complete or amend a registration.

The compliance checklists cover the main requirements of the Act, including the timeframes on when to register, renew and update a registration. These checklists are especially helpful for new lobbyists and employees who will be administering or overseeing the registration process.

Find all six checklists here.


Click, submit and...wait a bit.

Did you know that everything you submit to the lobbyist registry is reviewed manually?

When you create a new account profile to access the registry, a new registration, change a registration, update your account profile, submit a change of senior officer, or terminate a registration, the Office reviews those changes before they are published. This means the changes you make won't be visible on your account right away.

We will review the changes as quickly as possible and will send you a confirmation email when the changes are published. No need to submit again.

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