May 13th, 2019

Theme - The city
A new song, outdoor activities, circle time suggestions, and game and craft ideas that will take your group on a busy trip to the city!

Educatall Club
City-themed word flashcards, a picture game, a picture clue story, a creative coloring page, activity sheets, and printable games await!

Paper roll mini city
Let little engineers design their very own color-filled city.

Spring cleaning
A springtime collage that doubles as a fine motor skills activity.

Round flowers
Celebrate spring and explore circles with this colorful craft.

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In the heart of spring

Help younger children discover the joys of spring!

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On the road

Interesting things for little ones to observe when they are out and about.

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A needle in a balloon
An experiment that helps children understand how and why balloons pop.

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A paper spiral
It’s a craft, it’s science…it’s spinning fun!

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Giant bubbles
The perfect concoction for outdoor play!

Giant sidewalk chalks
Use these to turn your driveway or parking lot into a work of art.

Sand dough
The perfect homemade dough for indoor rainy-day exploration!

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20 sandbox activities

Get creative with this playground favorite!

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Fun with tiny clay pots

Use these dollar store basics for much more than plants.

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Introduction to petrography

So many ways to explore the countless rocks children collect.

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