Meet our new employees!

Since our last newsletter, we have welcomed new employees to the Québec Government Office in Chicago! Additionally, with Martine Hébert's recent appointment as Déléguée to the Québec Government Office in New York City, we are welcoming back Éric Marquis as Acting Délégué. We wish Martine all the best in her new post, and we are thrilled to have Éric back with us!

Bienvenue dans l'équipe!

  • Dominic Têtu - Director of Economic Affairs
  • Guillaume Mussely-Bédard - Director of Foreign Direct Investment
  • Rachel Iglesias - Economic Affairs Attachée in Sustainable Transportation
  • Hanna Kalicki - Economic Affairs Attachée in Aerospace, Defense, and Manufacturing
  • Evan Pelke - Intern in Public and Governmental Affairs
  • John Grebenor - Intern in Economic Affairs

2021 Great Lakes Commission Annual Meeting

We were honored to participate in the Great Lakes Commission’s virtual Annual meeting that was held October 12 - 14, 2021.

Québec is committed to the protection of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region, and we were key partners in resolutions pertaining to conteracting envasive species, mercury contamination, and the protection of coastal communities. 

Visit the Great Lakes Commission's website HERE for more information on this year's event.

"Québec Artist Series" Events with Annabel Soutar and Webster

In collaboration with Arts Midwest, we recently organized conversations that were part of the "Québec Artist Series", featuring Québec's very own Annabel Soutar of Porte Parole Productions as well as hip-hop artist, activist, and historian Webster.

In the first conversation of the series, Annabel was joined with J.R. Jamison on August 4th to discuss how storytelling can inspire action and create a more empathetic world. Annabel was later joined with Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome and Melanie Ariens in a conversation entitled "Water Unites Us" on October 20th, which discussed the power of creativity in raising awareness about water quality issues. 

Webster was joined with Dr. Terrion Williamson and Roy Kinsey in an intimate discussion entitled the "Black Writers Roundtable" October 27th. In this conversation, these three creatives opened up about their early influences, ranging from rap albums and children's books, as well as the struggle and satisfaction of harnessing their creativity. That's not all! The following evening, Webster and Roy displayed their musical talents in a live performance.

Missed out on these events? You can watch replays of them all HERE!

The Battery Show 2021

At this year's Battery Show, which was in Novi, Michigan, from September 13 - 16, we were fortunate to have supported a strong delegation of Québec companies who are shaping the renewable energy industry, including Calogy Solutions, Lithion Recycling, Termaco, and EVLO Energy Storage. At the event, we were supported by Québec's Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbion, to establish and maintain strong partnerships between companies in the Midwestern territory and those from Québec.

Through creating necessary technology for a green future and industrial renewal in the Great Lakes region, these companies are prime examples of just how great of an economic partner that Québec is in electromobility efforts.

Arts Midwest 2021 Conference

Arts Midwest Conference 2021

As a committed sponsor of Arts Midwest, our office has again sponsored this year's Arts Midwest Conference, which featured over 50 artists from Québec! The virtual event, which was from September 17th to the 22nd, convened artists, agents, and presenters from throughout the Midwest and the world to highlight the performing arts industry in its many shapes and forms. 

Despite the constraints of the pandemic, we in Chicago continue to find adaptive ways to support our artists, including the organization of an exclusive virtual Meet & Greet that connected Midwestern presenters with Québec agents and artists in hopes of creating more opportunities for them in the future in the Midwest.

View our roster of Québec artists who attended this year's conference HERE.

Medtech Acceleration Program with Medical Alley

September was an important month for our Québec companies in the life sciences industry, and we are proud to have worked in collaboration with Medical Alley to better prepare our cohort for entering US markets throughout our Medtech acceleration program.

This program culminated with the start of the MedTech Conference in Minneapolis, in which we were honored to be a main sponor. Among the companies who joined us were Medscint, NeuroServo, MY01, ODS Medical Inc, Dymedso, NexPlasmaGen, and Medtech Canada.

We sincerely thank our cohort for all of their hard work! These inspiring companies highlight just how important of a global leader Québec is when it comes to medical innovation, and it was an honor to work with them!

Collaboration with Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network

Done in collaboration with Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network and Québec's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food, we were delighted to help organize the virtual event entitled "Bringing Food Trends to Life." Featuring 6 innovative Québecois companies who deliver on some of the hottest trends in the food industry, this event featured a personalized tasting box that was mailed out to attendees beforehand in what was truly an interactive and delicious evening!

We thank the companies who made this event possible, which are Loop MissionLulubelle & CoSnö Dairy FreeMid-Day SquaresEvive Nutrition, and Jelina Chocolatier.

To check out a replay of the event, click HERE!

Lion Electric

We are proud to highlight the collaborative work that we have done with Québec-based company Lion Electric! On September 27th, we participated in their "Electric School Bus" event in Plainfield, IL to enjoy a ride on one of their electric buses. 

Additionally, on October 7th, we organized a luncheon between the company and Northwestern University's Institute of Sustainability and Energy to discuss their electric vehicles and the future of electric fleets.

Thanks to their vehicles, Lion Electric is actively promoting the reduction of greenhouse gases, highlighting once again that Québec is a global leader in the electrification of transports!

Montréal's Studio Iregular in Residence at Navy Pier!

Montréal’s Studio Iregular will be in residence at Navy Pier’s Light Up the Lake Festival from November 26 to January 2 in Chicago! Their audiovisual installation, entitled “Our Common Home,” is an immersive event that intersects art with architecture, geometry, and more in what will assuredly be an awe-inspiring experience. Get your tickets for Light Up the Lake HERE to marvel at Iregular’s visionary masterpiece!