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September 2022

September Spotlight

The beginning of fall means more calvings, and therefore more calves to look after. With an endless list of day-to-day tasks, it’s an important time to take care of yourself, as the welfare of your animals begins with your wellness. These topics will be the focus of this edition. Enjoy the read!


Animal Welfare in Everyday Life

In the September special feature of Bulletin des agriculteurs, Ferme Colette is featured with a Sustainability Index* of 97. Discover how this Quebec farm gives their animals the best care possible.

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*Available in Quebec and Atlantic provinces

Producer Wellness Pays Off

Recent studies suggest that producer wellness is strongly associated with cow welfare. When you think about it, it shouldn't come as a surprise. What if the virtuous circle of welfare started with you, the producer?

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Research Bits – Calf Rearing

Our experts participate in conferences around the world to keep up with new developments in dairy production. Four innovative projects that caught our attention include: improving colostrum quality, calf health, transition milk, and weaning.

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Mature Cows: Your Heifers’ Best Unit of Measure 

Mature Cows: Your Heifers’ Best Unit of Measure 

When it comes to rearing practices, we’ve previously published information that focuses on replacement costs and lifelong profitability. However, reducing age at first calving of heifers entering the milking herd is a bit more complex than simply breeding your heifers earlier.

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Showcasing Dairy Research Excellence in Canada

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) webinar series: Showcasing Dairy Research Excellence in Canada 

Join us to learn about the exciting work happening in dairy research across Canada. Registering for this free online series will give you access to all scheduled webinars, which will take place between September 2022 and March 2023. Hear directly from the research teams, ask questions, and learn about new research findings.

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