AVIATEUR EXPRESS # 831  - September 2,  2020 


  • Aero camping Casey 2020
  • La Tuque airport: a stopover on the road to Casey
  • Procedure for integrating the circuit at an uncontrolled aerodrome
  • Portrait of aviators from Quebec: Pierre Nadon
  • CANFLY: An Online Aviation Study
  • RVA Stanstead / Weller CTQ2, September 12
  • A video: safety information for passengers
  • Your virtual library.
  • 2020 photo competition.

The Aero camping Casey 2020 event will take place on Labor Day weekend, from September 4 to 7, 2020.

The event will be held in compliance with current health standards ... therefore, wearing a mask will be required in places where physical distancing is not possible.

As in recent years, Aéro-camping Casey 2020 (formerly RVA Casey) is a voluntary meeting point for owners of planes and other vehicles who meet in particular for the purpose of socializing, camping and visiting the premises.

Note that the land belongs to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec (MERN Quebec) and that it is co-administered by the Municipality of La Tuque.

That being said, there are no organizers or administrators for this event. There is also no surveillance carried out apart from the occasional visits of officers of the Sûreté du Québec temporarily assigned to the town of Parent during this weekend of each year. Regarding the event as such and its progress, only a few volunteers will be on site on the ground to help participants and provide information by radio to planes circulating near the site to increase everyone's safety.

Consequently, all the people who participate in it do so at their own risk and Aviateurs Québec can in no way be held responsible for any damage whatsoever that may be suffered, directly or indirectly and by anyone in connection with this event.

In order to be well prepared, it is recommended to consult:

La Tuque airport offers a discount of .03 $ / l to members in good standing of Aviateurs.Québec. Make a stopover and enjoy it.

A reminder on the procedure to be used to enter the circuit of an uncontrolled aerodrome, like Casey. Click on the image to view the document.

Portrait of aviators from Quebec

Pierre Nadon, adventurer pilot, CampingMaster,

Promoter RVA Aero camping Casey, member of the board of Aviateurs Québec

With the RVA at Casey at our gates, on September 4 to 7, it is only natural that I paint a portrait of one of its founders: Pierre Nadon. Pierre, despite his skin as a young man, is a seasoned pilot and very well known in the general aviation community of Quebec.

Member of the board of directors of the ancestor of Aviators Quebec, the APBQ, since 1982, Pierre is a man extremely involved in this small community formed by Quebec aviators.

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Interview by Sophie Dufresne

Photos: Pierre Nadon

CANFLY - Researchers at Carleton University are looking for volunteers for an online aviation study. It will only take 30-40 minutes of your time.

The Advanced Cognitive Engineering (ACE) Lab at Carleton University specializes in research regarding aviation safety. The ACE Lab uses virtual and full-scale flight simulation to investigate foundational principles of cognition and human-machine integration. Given the current physical distancing restrictions, the ACE Lab is seeking volunteers to participate in an upcoming “virtual” study that will be of interest to the aviation community.

Study Purpose & Benefits: This study represents the next phase of our validation of the CANFLY, a cognitive health screening tool for pilots. The CANFLY was developed at the ACE Lab at Carleton University. The goal of this study is to examine whether cognitive factors, such as situation awareness, collected in virtual flight environments are predictive of critical incidents.

Who Can Participate: Licensed/Permitted pilots, preferably with current medical certification, may participate. There is no compensation for your participation.

Study Activities and Risks: You are invited to participate in an anonymous online study that should take no more than 30-40 minutes to complete. Participants will answer short questions about situation awareness after watching four short interactive video clips of flight scenarios. Due to the anonymous nature of this study and the innocuous task of watching short flight simulation videos, it is not expected that there will be any risk of physical harm. The videos participants will watch are of basic flight scenarios in non-turbulent good weather conditions. You can complete this study in the comfort of your own home. Demographic questions are limited to age, gender, and flying history (years licensed, occurrence of critical incidents, type of license etc.).

Study Approval: The ethics protocol for this project was reviewed by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board, which provided clearance to carry out the research. (Clearance # 113162 expires on: May 2021)

Study Access: You can access the online study here.

For further inquiries or to indicate interest in participating in the study you can respond to CessnaStudy@gmail.com or check out the study link on our website

Lead Researcher: Dr. Kathleen Van Benthem, Institute of Cognitive Science, Carleton University

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Chris Herdman, Department of Psychology, Carleton University

This study is self-funded and has no affiliation with any aviation regulatory body.

RVA Stanstead / Weller CTQ2, September 12

This year's fly-in Beefalo burger sweet corn, etc. cookout will be held Saturday September 12th.

So put this event on your possibility list, and I will keep you posted. See ctq2.org for updates.

Contribution: Robert Philippe

Photo: Jean-Pierre bonin

Safety information for passengers.

A contribution from François Audette, # 7590

Your virtual library, updated September 2, 2020

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2020 photo competition

2020 photo competition

Congratulations to Perry Nadon for the winning photo of the month for July!

Perry wins one of the following prizes: a cap or a polo shirt.

Now is the time to vote for the August round of the 2020 contest!

You have until 10 p.m. on Monday September 7, 2020 to vote by clicking on the photo (or photos) of your choice. To do this go HERE

You also have until the same date to vote for any other photo of your choice!

The 2020 competition continues!

We are currently accepting photos (aviation related, read regulations) for the September round. We currently have no photos in the bank.

Send your photos to photos@aviateurs.quebec before September 30 at 10 p.m.

The winning photos for each month plus the photos with the most votes during the year, up to a total of 20, will be finalists. So you can vote for any of your favorite photos throughout 2020.

The winning photos for 2020 will be determined by an internal jury during the month of January 20121 and in the magazine L'Aviateur. The trophies will be presented at the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The complete contest rules can be viewed HERE

Hangar for rent at Mirajet at  Mirabel airport for the period November 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021. Click on the image to view the classified ad.



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