VOLUME 11 No. 19 | NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Day 1 of the 2021 Convention

The 9th APTS Convention began in Laval on November 15, with the theme “Together, stronger.” Your delegates will be assessing what the APTS has achieved since the last Convention, debating the future of Class 4 professions and adopting our political platform. They’ll also vote on changes to our Constitution and elect a new Provincial Council. Follow the Convention on our website: www.aptsq.com/congres2021


The latest edition of the Pay Equity and Salary Relativity newsletter is now available (in French). Inside, you’ll find more information about ongoing issues and recent events, including the settlement of our 2010 pay equity maintenance complaints and the creation of job titles. The English version will be available soon!

Province-wide survey on the intellectual disabilities / autism spectrum disorder (DI-TSA) mission

Do you work with service users who have an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder? Then this survey is for you! Our goal is to get a comprehensive picture of the issues facing members who work in this mission. You can respond to the survey until December 13, 2021, at 11:45 p.m.

The survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Don’t hesitate to share it with your network!

Meet your new coworker: artificial intelligence

New technology in the workplace always changes how things are done. Technology isn’t inherently good or bad, but neither is it insignificant. And its consequences can be unpredictable.

The new AI in Focus series will help you get to know first the basics and then the details of new technologies that will be – or are – changing the way you work. It’ll also provide resources to prepare for their arrival. This first factsheet covers some key concepts.

SURVEY | Organizational change and psychological distress

Sonia Laforce, a graduate researcher in the department of human resource management at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), wants to hear from APTS members as part of a survey entitled Changement organisationnel et détresse psychologique. Laforce is studying the impact of organizational changes related to two major events in the last decade: the merger of institutions into CIUSSSs and CISSSs and the pandemic. We hope many of you will respond.

Québec's mini-budget: first impressions

On November 25, the Québec government will present a financial update and a new mini-budget with a focus on the labour shortage. Émilie Charbonneau, 4th APTS vice-president, and research officer Philippe Hurteau will be paying close attention to this mini-budget, then sharing their immediate reactions on Facebook Live in the Carrefour Action politique (CAP-APTS) Facebook group. We hope many of you will join the conversation!

Convention-related transport emissions offset by planting trees

APTS members from all over Québec are currently attending the Convention. As part of our commitment to fight climate change and work towards a just transition, the APTS will offset the carbon emissions from Convention-related travel through the Carbone Boréal organization.

To learn more about how offsetting works, visit Carbone Boréal’s website.

WEBINAR | Overcoming the healthcare crisis with justice and solidarity

Decades of neoliberal management, austerity and budget cuts have severely damaged our health and social services system, and the pandemic has only made things worse. We must rebuild what has been destroyed.

On November 23 at 3 p.m., Coalition Main Rouge is giving a talk about how we can emerge from this crisis. Their goal is to show how we can a) make budget decisions that meet the needs of all Quebecers and b) mobilize to build a society based on greater solidarity.

Statement of participation in the RREGOP for 2020

Your statement of participation in the RREGOP will appear on Retraite Québec’s “My Account” page by mid-December, if it hasn’t already. If you have notifications turned on, Retraite Québec will send you an email as soon as the document becomes available.

If you’re 48 or older and you haven’t registered for My Account, you’ll receive your statement of participation in the mail. If you’re under 48, the statement will be available in My Account, but it won’t be mailed automatically.

For environmental reasons, we encourage you to view your statement of participation online, but you do have the option of contacting Retraite Québec directly and requesting your statement by mail.

As a reminder, it’s important to check all the information on the statement and contact your employer if there are any mistakes.

RREGOP and other pension benefits: webinar now available in English

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or just about to retire, this information meeting will give you the tools you need to optimize your participation in your pension plan.

The webinar will be offered on the following dates:

  • In English: November 22 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Register HERE
  • In French: December 6 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Register HERE

Sessions last about two hours. Union leave time cannot be granted for this type of meeting.

If you have questions, please write to us at retraite.assurance@aptsq.com.