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Technology: Making It Work With What You've Got and When To Upgrade

A few years ago, an advisor told me that I was really good at helping his team leverage the technology in their office. In fact, he took a business card and on the back, penned the title of a book I should write, and I have kept it with me all these years.

It is a reminder of how I approach technology in the office; you need enough of it to simplify the tasks and keep you compliant, but it should not be the ultimate driver. Having a solid foundational understanding of technology should be the goal. And, once technology fails to meet your needs and goals, it’s time to re-assess how you’re utilizing it in your every day.

I recently read the Top Technology Predictions for 2020 by World Economic Forum. The prediction that most resonated with me was “learning on the job will never stop.” Cloud technologies make it convenient and simple to stay current and to keep that learning momentum; however, most advisor practices fail to determine how technology can be applied and work FOR their business. Server and database technologies require regular upgrades to stay current and avoid any potential security issues. Still, it can be overwhelming to dedicate the time and headspace to keep on top of it. That brings us full circle in, ultimately, technology isn’t helpful if misused or fails to meet your needs and goals.

To understand your current situation, ask these questions:

1. Is your technology compliant? Consider that older servers, systems, and mobile devices run the risk of being non-compliant from a security perspective.

2. Does everyone have the right access to technology where they work?

3. Are you duplicating effort? For example, do you often copy and paste between applications or emails?

4. Are you able to produce reports, dashboards, or analytics in real-time to see how well client services are performing or to identify client opportunities?

5. How is technology part of every transaction with your clients? Are you interacting with your clients the way they want? Does everyone in the office have the ability to enter information about client interactions? Are these notes retrievable by those who need access? Are you reaching out to your clients enough? Too much?

The responses to these questions can help you determine if you need to upgrade your systems or make better use of the technology you have implemented in your office. A more detailed assessment can help find the gaps and build a plan to achieve your technical goals to make the most with what you’ve got.

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Emily Bennett, Technology Coach

Welcome Emily Bennett! 

We are thrilled to welcome Emily Bennett to The Personal Coach team as a Technology Coach. Emily will be supporting advisors and their teams to better understand and implement Technology into their offices. 

Emily is recently retired from Manulife where she spent over 21 years as a team lead and Director on the Global Technology Team. Prior to that, she taught technology courses at Fanshawe’s Continuing Education Program.

In her own words “I love working with technology, especially CRM systems integral to any office. Technology helps me be more productive so I can spend time with friends & family and also pursue other hobbies less technical. I’m happy to be joining The Personal Coach and sharing and working with advisors and their teams.”

Emily holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of Windsor and for fun, a French Language Certificate from St. Clair College. She is a certified Salesforce Administrator; QlikView Designer and holds her ITIL Certification; Certified Agile ScrumMaster.

Please join us in welcoming Emily to our team.