Business Tourism in a Social Media Era

While a recent publication by the Réseau de Veille en Tourism noted that "80% of Quebec travellers used Facebook during or after their stay"1 and that "social networks are the prefered platform for tourism marketing,"2 it doesn't seem to be as clear for business tourism, which doesn't target the same clientele. 

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New Venues to Hold your Events in Quebec



  • Grand Quai du Port de Montréal

    Ideally located on the St. Lawrence River, the Port of Montreal's Grand Quay is now open to the public.

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  • Hôtel de l'ITHQ

    Located on Saint-Denis Street, in the heart of Montreal’s bustling activity and right near Sherbrooke metro station, the Hôtel de l’ITHQ is the ideal place for your business meetings, conferences, training sessions, cocktail receptions, weddings or any other group event. 

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Tips and Resources to Overcome Challenges in Event Planning in 2019

By Colleen Bottorff, ePly

Challenges in event planning will always exist: Some will come and go with time, some will be more persistent. But either way, getting ahead of them will allow you to come up with strategic solutions before the challenge turns into an outright problem.

That’s where survey results like this come in. A group of meeting planners and hoteliers identified what challenges are on the horizon for 2019: Do they align with yours? Probably so!

These challenges would resonate with any event planner, regardless of your industry.

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The No. 1 Secret to Event Success: Analyzing Your Data

By Angela Lee, published on Bizbash

How do some events get better and better over time and never stagnate? What's their secret to success? The secret is data analysis and adaptation to trends uncovered in the analysis.

When you capture the right data and analyze it correctly, you can:

  • Discover hidden trends
  • Uncover attendee behaviors
  • Determine preferences

These findings can then be used to tailor your next event around attendee needs.

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Quebec Business Tourism News

The QACP publishes more than 300 news per year dealing with business tourism in its News section at

Here is a selection of recent news featuring our members:

OTL Gouverneur Sherbrooke Granted 5 Stars








With the presence of municipal councillor Marc Denault, president of the Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce, Claude Denis and the president of Destination Sherbrooke, the general manager of OTL Gouverneur Sherbrooke announced that the Sherbrooke hotel establishment was recently granted 5 stars by the Corporation de l'industrie Touristique du Québec (CITQ).

OTL Gouverneur Sherbrooke is now one of six 5-star hotels in Quebec outside of Montreal and Quebec City. According to the CITQ, these 5-star hotels stand out for their exceptional comfort, high-class design and offer a range of services and amenities.

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