Bowen Island Public Library's e-Newsletter • Mid-October 2022

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Mid-Month Update

Poster for tech tutor talk on internet security, in blue and green, with image of a laptop and a hand on the keyboard, with text about this program.

Tech Tutor Talk on Internet Security

Saturday, October 29, 2022 | 12:30-1:30 pm

Drop in to the Annex for a Tech Tutor Talk! Leo Pedersen, one of our Bowen Library Tech Tutors, will discuss basic internet security and how to safely navigate internet services. Talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

Part of Media Literacy Week (more on that below).

See This Talk in our Calendar

poster with illustrations of a parking lot, a no-parking sign, and a paver machine, with text about our parking lot closure (see text adjacent).

Parking Lot Closure

The parking lot next to the Bowen Library will be closed from Wednesday, October 19 to Wednesday, October 26 for a paving project.

For more information, please contact the Bowen Island Municipality:


Media Literacy Week image in purple of a bullhorm

Media Literacy Week

October 24-28, 2022

Join us in celebrating Canada’s upcoming Media Literacy Week! Learn about the key components of digital media literacy and find free resources to use throughout the week.

About Media Literacy Week

orange circle that says "use, using media tools effectively and responsibly"


Use represents the skills needed to safely and effectively use media, computers and the internet.

Skills that fall under use include using tools and platforms such as cameras, web browsers and media-making apps; using media tools to promote positive physical and mental health and reduce safety risks; and balancing the pros and cons of digital media tools.

Game: Data Defenders
Tutorial: Raising Ethical Kids For a Networked World
Tip sheet: Building your brand: Establishing a positive presence online

green circle with text that says "understand, critically analyzing and evaluating media"


Understand is the set of skills that help us comprehend, contextualize and critically evaluate digital media so that we can make informed decisions about what we do and encounter online. It includes recognizing how technology affects our behaviour and our perceptions, beliefs and feelings about the world around us as well as understanding how media influence our views about what’s real, what’s important and whose voices matter.

Workshop: Half Girl, Half Face
Tip sheets: News you can use, Talking to kids about gender stereotypes, Talking to kids about hate in media

green circle that says "engage; making and using media to express yourself and participate in your communities"


Engaging with digital media is more than knowing how to write an email: it includes being able to adapt what we produce for various audiences; create and communicate using media such as images, video and sound; reflect on the social and political implications of media and use media tools for community engagement; and engage with Web 2.0 user-generated content effectively and responsibly. The ability to engage using digital media ensures that Canadians are active contributors to digital society.

Tutorial: Raising Ethical Kids For a Networked World
Tip sheet: How to push back against hate online
Other: Check Then Share, Speak Up! Your guide to changing the world, online and off

purple circle that says "access; safely and ethically finding and navigating media"


Access involves safely and ethically finding and navigating media. It includes the technical knowledge needed to access online content; the ability to navigate networked media using hyperlinks, search engines and databases; knowing about copyright-free content and being able to exercise user rights under Fair Dealing; and to specialized access skills such as finding free or low-cost internet service or using screen readers.

Tip sheets: Four tips for managing your kids’ screen time, How to search the internet effectively, Think before you share, Getting the goods ethically

pink circle that says "finding out if online content is accurate and reliable"


More than ever, Canadians need the skills to effectively search the internet for information, then evaluate and authenticate the sources and information they find.

Verification skills cross all four core competencies, from knowing how to effectively access information through search engines and databases, to using verification tools like fact-checkers and reverse image search, to understanding how to recognize bad-faith arguments and cherry-picked statistics, to engaging with misinformation by correcting or debunking it by sharing accurate, reliable information with our online communities.

Resources: Break the Fake, Check Then Share, Reality Check

screenshot of our webpage titles Misinformation and Fake news

Misinformation and Fake News

A NEW resource on the Bowen Library website

Among our subject guides online, you'll find this new resource on spotting misinformation and fake news. It's full of links to resources provided by organizations dedicated to education on fact checking, evaluating information sources, science literacy, and more.

Go to our Misinformation & Fake News Page

Photo image of a laptop, tablet, and cell phone

Tech Tutors

Book a free 1-hour appointment

Our Tech Tutors Brynna and Leo provide patient, friendly, one-on-one help for any of your technology challenges.

Bring in your laptop, tablet, smartphone, camera or e-reader, or reserve one of our public internet stations.

All tech topics are welcome, such as help with email, web searching, photos, social networks, password management, updates, security, file organization, or learning the basic operations of your latest gadget.

Library patrons may sign up for up to six tech tutoring sessions per year!

Find Out More about our Tech Tutor Service

LinkedIn Learning logo

LinkedIn Learning Videos on Digital & Media Literacy

Watch video courses on Media Literacy & Digital Literacy on LinkedIn Learning.

Sign in with your library card & account password, then search for these class names and keywords: “Spotting Misinformation Online”, “Information Literacy”, “Deepfake”, Media Literacy, Digital Literacy, to find some comprehensive information on these topics.

Contact us if you need help logging into LinkedIn Learning.

Go to LinkedIn Learning Login


screenshot from LnkedinLearning video called Spotting misinformation online
screenshot fo linked in learning video called information literacy
screenshot of linked in learning video called understanding the impact of deepfake videos

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