March 31, 2022

The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation would like to inform the public that McIntosh Perry will be conducting work at 171 King Street E. Thornbury on April 1, 2022 as part of the Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment for the Gateway Project.

This notice is for information purposes only. There is no impact to the public.

As background, Environmental Site Assessments are conducted to meet regulatory requirements and as part of environmental due diligence. A Phase One assessment is more theoretical and used to determine any potential issues that may affect the site based on reviewing the current and historic uses of the property and the surrounding area. The purpose of Phase Two Environmental Site Assessments is to determine if any issues exist with the property and to what extent.

The Phase One Environmental Site Assessment was completed for the site by McIntosh Perry and a Phase Two assessment was recommended. The Phase Two assessment to investigate and test soil and groundwater conditions in specific areas on the site is underway and will include borehole drilling, monitoring well installation and sampling. 

Check out the March 3 2022 Gateway Project update or our Gateway Project page for more information.   

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