February 2020

Now & Then highlights UBC History news/events for students, faculty, staff & alumni

Student Focus

History Honours Student Profile: Kevin Ang

“For me, the History Honours program was a natural decision. I wanted to challenge myself and I really liked that I could control the topic I would explore.”

As a child Kevin became fascinated with the relationship between Taiwan and China which led him to UBC History.  Learn about his academic path he created leading to his current position working at the Taiwan Trade Centre.

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 Conway Summer Travel Scholarship

A $5,450 summer travel scholarship ( endowed by Professor John Conway) is offered to Honours or Graduate students in History or International Relations. Applications should outline the candidate’s interest or research in the history of Germany, and include a proposed itinerary as well as plans for further study. Applications should be submitted by Friday February 28th, 2020. Learn more.

Student Essay Contests:

  • Each year, the British Columbia Historical Federation offers two W. Kaye Lamb awards for student works relating to the history of British Columbia. Deadline is March 20. Learn More.
  • The Canadian Studies Network offers a prize for an outstanding interdisciplinary undergraduate research-based essay on a Canadian topic. Deadline is June 30.
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Faculty News

Book Launch for Three

In November 2019, UBC History hosted a book launch for three new books including:  Jessica Hanser's "Mr. Smith Goes to China", Tamara Myers' "Youth Squad" and Jessica Wang's "Mad Dogs and Other New Yorkers."

Pictured here Jessica Hanser, Tamara Myers & Jessica Wang.


Meet Kelly McCormick, UBC History's New Professor

"I am a historian of the visual and material culture of modern Japan. I write about the politics of photography culture and optical technologies in Japan from the 1930s to the 1970s."

Learn about Kelly's historical expertise, teaching style, and interests outside of academia in our faculty profile.

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Other News:

  • Paige Raibmon was appointed an associate at the Wilson Insitute and Laura Ishiguro was renewed as an associate for a new term. The Wilson Associates are scholars who are pushing the field of Canadian history in exciting new transnational directions. Learn more.
  • A review of Tina Loo's book "Moved by the State" by Caroline Desbiens in BC Studies is available. Read Review.
  • Heidi Tworek appeared on CBC news to discuss the Facebook ban on deepfake videos. Watch it. She also weighed in on the issue of misinformation in the media regarding the coronavirus in a recent CBC article. Read Article.

Emeriti Highlights

Emeritus Professor Peter Moogk's collection available at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

 Peter Moogk's collection of manuscripts, artifacts, publications, photographs, posters, currency and books documenting European anti-semitism, the rise of the Nazi state, the German occupation of the Netherlands, the persecution of Dutch Jews and the establishment of ghettos is now held by the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.

The most notable item is a 1790 manuscript decree signed by Britain's King George III, as ruler of Hanover, to bar the westward migration of East European Jews who were suspected of being carriers of the bubonic plague. Learn more.

Shout-out to Ed Hundert from former student

Tracey Sherlock from Vancouver Courier News wrote an opinion piece titled "Here’s to all our favourite teachers who made a difference." She discusses her most influential teachers including: Emeritus Professor Ed Hundert. "He taught me to question everything and helped me discover both classic literature and the constant struggle that is being a writer." Read More.


Alumni Spotlight

Tao-Yee Lau, 2007 History Honours Graduate

"In general, taking history helps you develop a curious and open mind and a fluid perspective when interpreting people and social issues. In history, you also learn to understand multiple perspectives, which is invaluable as a social worker."

In our most recent alumni profile, we feature Tao-Yee Lau, a history graduate who pursued social work in New York City. She recently returned to Vancouver where she is working as a Mental Health Clinician (Child & Youth) at Vancouver Coastal Health.

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Feb 6, 2020

Michael Khodarkovsky, History, Loyola University Chicago

"Where Russia was “Ahead” of Europe"

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Feb 6, 2020

HSA Trivia Night-
Music Edition

Everyone welcome - including people outside History!

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Feb 11, 2020

Fascinating History Session: Heidi Tworek discussing her book at the Jewish Book Festival

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Feb 14, 2020

Screening: An Autumn's Tale

Chinese & English Subtitles

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Feb 27, 2020

Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld (Independent Scholar)

"Withdrawn and Secretive: Privacy among Portuguese Jews in Amsterdam’s Golden Age"

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Feb 27, 2020

Margaret Ronda, University of California, Davis

"Organic Form, Plastic Forms: The Nature of Plastic in Contemporary Ecopoetics"

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March 9, 2020

Mary Fulbrook, German History, University College London

"A Bystander Society? Perpetration, Complicity and Passivity under Nazi Rule"

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March 10, 2020

William Cronin, History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The Portage: Time, Memory and Storytelling in the Making of an American Place"

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