The Results Are In!
The New Name for This Newsletter Is...

Over the last couple of weeks, our survey to choose a name for this newsletter received a lot of votes! We were delighted to see that PVN members not only voted for their favourite option amongst the three names, but also came up with other suggestions such as Mission, PVNet News, and From The Other Side of The Bed Rails.

It’s great to see the creativity of PVN members, and how excited people are about the results. So now it’s time for the big reveal:

With 59% of the votes, the winning name is…

Quality Awards 2017 - Cheers to Our Awarded Volunteers!

Created by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council in 2009, the Quality Awards celebrate individuals, teams and facilities that significantly improved the quality of care in BC.

The individual-based awards recognize the impact that a single engaged person can have in transforming culture and care. We are blessed to see that every day in the amazing work of our volunteers. That’s why we were extremely proud – but not at all surprised – to see Delia Cooper and Carolyn Canfield, two long-time PVN volunteers, chosen by the judges as the winner and the runner-up of the Leadership in Advancing the Patient Voice award, a brand new category created to celebrate patient engagement.

There are many other winners and runners-up that, in one way or another, helped improve patient experience and engagement. Read the post.

Updates from Our Oversight & Advisory Committee

The fourth PVN Oversight & Advisory Committee meeting took place on October 27, with discussions about the development of patient quality improvement education, plus feedback on the PVN Volunteer Agreement, engagement evaluation surveys, and a consultation survey to gather strategic planning feedback.

Want to learn more about what was discussed? The meeting minutes and other information about the committee are available on the PVN website.

Webinar: Patients Can Help With Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest threats to human health and is rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. Anyone could be impacted. While it's normal for microbes to develop resistance to drugs, the way antimicrobials are currently being used is accelerating the process, and as a result common infections and minor injuries are becoming an increasingly greater threat to our well-being. Organizations from across the world are taking action and making progress on this issue, but is there anything patients, their families and patient advisors can do to help?

Yes, there is. And this webinar offered by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute on December 8 at 0700 PDT will show how. Learn more about the event and register.

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