An update about The Ottawa Hospital's new campus

A backhoe clears debris during excavation of The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus.

Construction of The Ottawa Hospital's
new campus continues


As the temperatures rise and the snow begins to melt, construction crews are busy on the site of The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus.

This once-in-a-generation project will help reshape health care for our community and everyone we serve in Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, and the Qikiqtaaluk region of Nunavut. Designed to transform patient experience, the new campus will be home to one of Canada's most modern, technologically advanced and accessible hospitals.

You may have noticed changes on the site in recent weeks. Excavation has started, and construction crews will begin blasting bedrock on the site later this month. The work to remove bedrock will take place on weekdays over an estimated seven weeks starting after 7 a.m. and ending before 6 p.m. In compliance with the City of Ottawa’s requirements, building owners within a standard radius of the blasts (within 75 m of blasts 0 to 5 m in depth, and within 150 m of blasts 5 to 10 m in depth) have been advised and offered a free pre-blast inspection by a third party prior to the start of blasting.

Work to remove old utility infrastructure will continue on the western part of the site where the main hospital will be located. Every effort is being made to minimize disruption to neighbouring communities during construction.

During construction, the new hospital will inject more than $2 billion into Ottawa’s economy and create more than 4,000 full time jobs, while generating a total economic output of almost $4 billion. Learn more about The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus project at

A look at excavation work being done at The Ottawa Hospital's new campus.