November 2019

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Every kidney patient’s health journey includes major transition points. This may include starting treatment for kidney failure, changing the type of treatment received or choosing to end treatment all together. Each change can cause stress and fear for patients. In collaboration with health authority partners and patients, we have developed a series of guides to help prepare patients, families and care teams for these transitions.

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hack (n): a clever tip or technique for doing or improving something

We know there are several definitions for the word hack, but today we’re talking about the good kind!

Health professionals, do you have any PROMIS hacks that make your working life easier that others may not know about?

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Thanks to #DialysisPatient Colin Shaw for speaking at BC Kidney Days of his journey & passing on recommendations to patients including to stay fit & informed & to health professionals to see patients as people first & expect them to be involved in their care. #BCKD19

Dr. Adeera Levin in her BC Renal Update at BC Kidney Days says over 130,000 people viewed the kidney health promotion video produced in partnership with @KidneyBCY and promoted during Kidney Health Month in March. #BCKD19 @cansolveckd @Providence_Hlth

People Profiles

Q&A with Corrine Gable - Home Hemodialysis Educator

Where do you work?

Kelowna General Hospital

How long have you been in renal?

Over 25 years

What brought you to renal?

I first worked on a medical floor for several years at the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton. This hospital closed and I transferred to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, also in Edmonton. It was there that my renal experience began. The floor I worked on was a peritoneal dialysis/gastrointestinal floor. If you are thinking that this is an odd combination, I would agree with you. After a year and a half, my husband Pat got transferred to Kelowna. Moving to Kelowna was a no brainer. Kelowna was a beautiful growing city.

Starting off as casual at the Kelowna General Hospital, I worked on various units, but once the word got out that I had some renal experience the renal unit booked me in for shifts. This led me to getting trained for Hemodialysis. I continued to work casual for several years until opportunity knocked and the Home Hemodialysis Educator position came up. Taking this position I developed a passion for it, and have no regrets.

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