October 28th, 2019

Theme - I am learning to sort
Tricks to make cleanup fun, plus games, crafts, activities, and a cute rhyme that’ll make learning interesting for children!

Educatall Club
Sort through our word flashcards, coloring pages, activity sheets, picture game, and so much more!

Toddler matching game
A simple homemade game for practising color recognition.

Reproducing series and creating snakes
Children will build basic skills from start to finish!

Fruit kabobs
Edible patterns that children will want to eat!

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Fall-related outdoor activities for babies and toddlers

Great ways to explore all those colorful leaves that are on the ground.

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Heavy and light

These opposites can lead to lots of sorting fun!


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Part liquid, part solid
A fun experiment that involves interesting manipulations.

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Static electricity
This phenomenon is always impressive for kids!

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Edible paint for special snacks
Prepare several paint colors and sort them!

Homemade stickers
Cut your sticker budget by making your own!

Spray bottle glue
Shake up a few ingredients and use this glue for murals!

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A basketball game using a swimming pool noodle

A great way to use pool noodles once swimming season is over!

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A simple bean bag toss game

Recycle socks and tissue boxes and create a unique game.

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Triangle pose

Develop children’s strength and balance with this yoga pose.


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