Emergency preparedness is crucial for kidney patients and health care professionals. Every May, BC Renal and our Emergency Management Committee work to raise awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness. Alongside various campaigns and initiatives, we publish two monthly newsletters featuring key resources and information. This newsletter is patient focused, while our second issue will be geared towards kidney health professionals and staff.


For 2024, we’re pleased to offer several key resources on patient preparedness:

"Emergency Preparedness for Dialysis Patients" handbook

 "Planning for Disaster" poster

1-minute "Emergency Preparedness for Dialysis Patients" video

Quick tips for patients

Staying Cool in the Summer – Tips for Dialysis Patients

2023 was BC's hottest year on record — and the summer heat can be even more challenging when you're a dialysis patient. Follow along with this tip sheet to feel your best and minimize health risk – and check out our "Staying Cool" poster as well!

Emergency Kit Essentials

Keeping a fully stocked emergency pack in your home is important! If you’re wondering what supplies to include, this graphic provides a visual overview – or, for more detailed instructions, check out page 10-11 of our “Emergency Preparedness” booklet.

Have a minimum of three days’ worth of food and supplies stocked in your emergency kit -- up to two weeks’ worth if possible. Pack non-perishable food items and plan meals that don’t require formal cooking. Don’t forget to include medications, a good supply of water, and pet needs in your planning. If you’re a home dialysis patient, try to keep some basic dialysis supplies at home too.

Emergency Wallet Card

Remember to have your emergency wallet card on hand -- our template features important contact info for emergency responders and other useful tips on emergency planning. Better yet, wear a “medical alert” identifier such as a bracelet to let medical workers know about your dialysis or transplant needs.

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Take our quiz and you could win a prize!

Test your knowledge by taking our "Preparedness for Dialysis Patients" quiz! You can enter a draw to win one of two emergency kits!


Emergency Prep Quiz

Highlights of 2023

Every May, BC Renal sends out emergency preparedness resources to dialysis units and clinics across BC, as well as our emergency prize kits. Promoting hands-on awareness to patients and staff is crucial – we always look forward to seeing our resources in action! Check out some of the highlights from Emergency Prep Month 2023 below:

More info and resources

Thanks for helping us make Emergency Prep Month a success!