August 9, 2021

This week... 

A new Poet Laureate is announced, new lighting upgrades happening with BC Hydro and the annual Reuse Rendezvous is coming up. Read on for more!

Message from Island Health

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Vaccines continue to save lives and make it possible to live free of the illness and disability associated with many preventable diseases. When you're vaccinated, you help protect both yourself and those around you. The more people who are vaccinated in the community, the lower the risk for those who:

• Can't be vaccinated

• Are too young to receive vaccines

• Developed only partial immunity from the vaccine

One way Island Health is trying to make vaccines more accessible is through the Vax Van Mobile Clinic. This mobile vaccine clinic is touring across Vancouver Island and providing opportunities for people to get immunized. The Vax Van is eligible for people 12 and older to get their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine – no appointment necessary!


Heat Wave Returns

The City is advising residents to prepare for another period of hot weather, expected to hit Nanaimo this week. Follow the link for some tips to stay cool, to see a list of heat-related symptoms, learn about supports for vulnerable populations and reminders about keeping pets cool. 


Get Vaccinated

Meet Nanaimo's Newest Poet Laureate

The City of Nanaimo is pleased to announce Kamal Parmar as its Poet Laureate. She has been appointed by City Council for a two-year term which began on August 1, 2021. 

As Poet Laureate, Kamal aims to raise the profile of poetry in Nanaimo and activate poetry as a tool for healing and increased connection between people of all ages. She says that she “firmly believes that each of us has some subtle form of poetry in us, which needs to be explored.”


Summer is Passing

     by Kamal Parmar


Sky, not a deep blue but mottled with cloud.

Every time I look, they change from wispy silver to curling grey.

A week back, a burnt-orange sun hung in the coppery bowl of the sky

and the evening star, late coming.

The sea shimmered like lapis lazuli,

now ruffled, strong waves toss,

fill the air with spray that tickles my cheek.

The waning pulse of the day,

as darkness closes in, much before lights on.

The church bell tolls for evening vespers.


Summer passes.

The breeze, empty of honeysuckle

claps through arbutus and maple leaves,

rises and falls among the willow.

No longer is there the mundane crescendo of the honey-bee

nor the rasp of crickets or cicadas,

echoing from overgrown bramble bush.

Feathery dandelions dance in the breeze,

children shout and run, chasing butterflies.

as summer is passing—

and children won’t let go.

In dark lakes and moors, ringed with oak and willow,

the swallow and skylark stop and listen

to the first drizzle of rain.

The air laced with juniper.

Reuse Rendezvous

Coming up this weekend, Nanaimo! Reuse Rendezvous, the annual city-wide swap meet, is taking place Saturday and Sunday, August 14 & 15!

Give those old household items a new lease on life by placing them at the curb with a "free" sign for treasure hunters to pick up.


LEDing the Way

BC Hydro crews have begun to replace all the remaining old street lights in Nanaimo's neighbourhoods with new LED lighting. This project will run to the end of the year with over 4000 lights on Hydro poles to upgrade within Nanaimo.


Get Vaccinated

Signs of the Times

As our city grows and becomes a more multi-modal community, complete with bicycle-friendly roads, new signage is just a given.

The arrows and yield symbol here should look familiar, but the green laneway on these signs represents the dedicated bicycle lanes. Downtown on Front Street, the nearly finished complete street includes a two-way bicycle track. These signs are an alert to motorists that they will be crossing the two-way track, and they need to yield to oncoming cycles from both directions. Northbound motorists need to be aware as they make a right turn off of Front Street, and southbound motorists need to be aware as they make a left turn, both for oncoming northbound traffic and cyclists heading in both directions.



Great discussion between the Mayor and some curious youth at a REIMAGINE NANAIMO pop up tent. Be sure to come ask questions when you see the booth set up. When you have a moment, hop on to have your say too - let's plan for future generations of Nanaimoites!

There are two scenarios exploration surveys you can complete to provide input to Phase 2 of REIMAGINE NANAIMO. Scenarios exploration is an opportunity to discuss different ways our City could grow, understand challenges and opportunities, and work towards our future plan.


Reducing Curbside Contamination

If you don't know - please don't throw! Please check the list of accepted items on the cover of the blue bin or use the what goes where tool on the Nanaimo Recycles app. Curbside contamination presents significant implications to the Recycle BC program. If you have any questions, please just ask.


Will Your Commute Be Affected This Week?

Up-to-date information on City construction projects:

  • Metral Drive is still an active construction site, so please expect delays and account for extra time when navigating the area. All businesses remain open and accessible, but commuters are asked to use alternate routes whenever possible.
  • Road work and utility upgrades are underway on Lost Lake Road between Tanya Drive and Blue Jay Trail. Commuters can expect delays and are encouraged to use alternative routes whenever possible.
  • Watermain upgrades are underway on Estevan Road between Poplar Street and Drake Street. During construction hours from Monday to Thursdays this road will be closed to traffic with the exception of buses and local residents. Detours will be in place and commuters are asked to plan their travel accordingly and account for extra time when navigating the area.


Work With Us!

We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:


Meetings This Week

Thursday, August 12: Design Advisory Panel Meeting at 5:00 pm

If you'd like to get involved in City decision making apply for membership on the Design Advisory Panel. Applications close this Thursday, August 12 at 4 pm.


The regular Council Meeting will resume on Monday, August 30, 2021 at 4:30 pm.

You can watch live meetings, view a list of upcoming meetings, read agendas and watch recordings of past meetings all in one place on the City website. 


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