VOLUME 1 No. 11 | FEBRUARY 23, 2024

APTS members endorse the tentative deal at a rate of 75.7%

Over the past six weeks, APTS members were asked to vote on the tentative agreement reached by the government and your bargaining teams. Dozens of general assemblies were held throughout Québec to make sure that every member who wanted to participate in order to understand and discuss the proposal was able to do so.

The agreement was endorsed by 75.7% of you, and it’s worth mentioning that 38.6% of APTS members exercised their right to vote at a special general assembly.

The tentative agreement was also endorsed by our Front commun partners and will come into force over the next weeks.

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We could never have achieved this agreement if APTS members, along with our colleagues from other unions, had not mobilized collectively at an unprecedented level. Thanks to your determination and perseverance, we were able to stand up to a government that was refusing to acknowledge the value of your vital contribution to the care and services provided to Quebecers.

We take a positive view of the agreement: it includes a number of significant gains, and we believe that it is the best deal we could have gotten in the context of these bargaining talks. We are also very much aware of the opinion voiced by some who would have liked to achieve bigger gains or see some measures more widely applied. Please know that we will continue, as ever, to work on getting better working conditions for all of you, without waiting for the next round of contract talks.

We won't back down

The fight to improve jobs in our public system, and ensure their value is recognized, will not end with the signature of a new collective agreement. In fact, our slogan throughout these contract talks – We won’t back down – takes on an even deeper meaning as they come to an end. It means that the APTS will keep on making every effort, and using every means at its disposal, to improve your working conditions – whether by participating in inter-round committees, working to advance pay equity, defending your rights with your employer or at the administrative labour tribunal, or bringing up issues with the government, the media or parliamentary committees.

The roll-out of the Santé Québec agency, and measures to expand the scope of professional practices, are two major issues that we’ll be addressing over the next months. You can count on our vigilance as we keep on working to make sure your rights are respected. We’ll be fighting tooth and nail against the ever-larger role assigned to the private sector, and we’ll be mobilizing to make sure Quebecers are provided with services that are public, accessible, inclusive, and equally available to all.

Over the next weeks, the wording of the 2023-2028 collective agreement will be finalized and ratified. You’ll then receive the retroactive amounts to which you’re entitled, and you’ll be able to benefit from the new provisions achieved as part of the new agreement. Stay tuned for further communications in the Fil@PTS and on social media about documents relating to your new work contract.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining team