July 8th, 2019

Theme - At the pool
Dive into this theme’s games, outdoor fun, early science activities, and circle time ideas!

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Pool noodle boats
Children will love watching these sail around a pool or water table.

3D ice cream cone
A cool textured craft for summer.

A swimming pool noodle flower
Make colorful noodles bloom with just a few easy steps.

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My boat

The perfect poolside theme.

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Summertime creative expression

Unique outdoor art exploration for young children.

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Magically (or scientifically) make old pennies shiny again.

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Use balloons to explore heat conductors with children.

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Modeling “goops”
Perfect for creating shapes and discovering a new texture.

Coconut modeling dough
Beach-scented fun for little hands.

Volcano paint
A messy but impressive outdoor activity!

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10 surprise bags for the car

Make children’s drive home interesting with these original ideas.

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A basketball game using a swimming pool noodle

This basketball “net” is safe and fun for children of all ages!

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A vacation for our books

Clean out and redecorate your reading corner for summer.

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