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1er août 2022



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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

Are Streaming Farms Really That Bad For Emerging Artists?

According to Rolling Stone, musicians could potentially be losing around $300 million per year due to streaming farms. It’s important to note that the streaming platforms themselves are not losing money, as streaming farms still need to use the streaming platform to operate. However, by inflating streams, they essentially steal money from artists that depend on organic streams. But what are streaming farms exactly? And can they actually benefit an artist’s career?

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What Is a Stream, Anyway?

The music industry has expended a lot of effort insisting what streams are not. TikTok videos with music soundtracks are decidedly not a synchronization. But streams are also not a license. Yet streams are not a sale, neither like physical media nor like a digital download. Hang on, says Spotify, streams are not a public broadcast, because if they were, then they would be subject to the many regulations radio has acquired over the decades.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

It’s official: New music is SHRINKING in popularity

But facts is facts: ‘Current’ music in the United States isn’t just losing market share. It’s actually getting statistically less popular.
That’s according to a new midyear report published by US market monitor Luminate (formerly MRC Data / Nielsen Music).
It shows that ‘Total Album Consumption’ of ‘Current’ recorded music in the United States in the first half of 2022 fell 1.4% in volume versus the equivalent metric from the same period of 2021.

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Midyear Music Report: Streaming Up 10.6% in 2023, Vinyl Plateauing

Continued growth in streaming is delivering another upbeat year for the music business, both in the U.S. and globally, according to Luminate’s 2022 Midyear Report. The study also shows Latin and country continuing to gain ground in streaming, with Bad Bunny proving a catalyst for the former. But the report’s biggest surprise might be that a music configuration which has enjoyed more than a decade of growth could see its growth streak plateauing: the LP.

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Politiques publiques

La Cour suprême du Canada reconnaît la signification juridique de la « mise à disposition »

Dans cette décision, la Cour suprême a convenu avec la SOCAN qu’une œuvre est communiquée au public dès qu’elle est rendue disponible pour une diffusion en continu sur demande, que cette diffusion ait lieu ou non. La Cour a également précisé que la mise à disposition d’une œuvre pour téléchargement engage le droit exclusif du titulaire du droit d’auteur d’autoriser la reproduction de l’œuvre. Ensemble, ces deux lois donnent aux titulaires de droits d’auteur la possibilité de contrôler l’acte de mise à disposition de leurs œuvres en ligne, conformément aux obligations du Canada en vertu des traités internationaux sur le droit d’auteur.

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Music industry as tough as it has always been, watchdog says

Although the primary focus of the report was on consumers, the watchdog found a small number of high-profile artists enjoyed most of the financial success while the majority made no substantial earnings.
CMA interim chief executive Sarah Cardell said: "For many artists, it is just as tough as it has always been - and many feel that they are not getting a fair deal."
But the report notes streaming has made it easier not only for listeners to access music but also for artists to record and share it.

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SoundOn: How TikTok Got into the Music Distribution Industry and How They Can Shake It Up

Today, countless independent music distributors offer artists the means to place their music on streaming platforms while equipping them with various promotional tools to track data and market their work. These distributors have seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years, accompanying the waning dependence on record labels. As of March 9, 2022, TikTok entered the music distribution space, launching SoundOn in the US, UK, Brazil, and Indonesia. With an established reputation for dominating new music, TikTok’s expansion into this space may entirely disrupt the independent distribution industry.

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MIDiA music forecasts: the new era of growth

Part of the reason for the wide gap between retail and label growth was the rise of non-DSP streaming that sees a much higher share go to publishing than for DSP streaming. Non-DSP streaming was worth $3.0 billion in 2021 across masters, publishing, and platforms. Production music (a segment missed out of most other market estimates) was another strong performer, generating around one billion dollars.

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Actualités techno

ByteDance Files Trademark for TikTok Music App

TikTok parent company ByteDance is working on a music streaming service called TikTok Music. Combining the cultural cache of the world’s most popular social platform with a music streamer may revolutionize music streaming… and force Spotify to speed up its own social ambitions.

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Facebook app changes and looks like TikTok with new Feeds tab

Meta announced major changes Thursday to the Facebook app that will transform its experience into a more TikTok-like selection of algorithmically chosen videos — and shunt off content posted by family, friends and groups into a separate side feed.

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