September 13th, 2021


Theme - Mountains
This theme’s circle time ideas, workshops, group projects, and countless activities will take children’s learning to new heights!

Educatall Club
A picture game, activity sheets, word flashcards, floor illustrations, games, coloring pages, and more mountain-themed documents to explore!


Colorful forest
Just imagine a mountain covered in bold-colored trees like the ones this project involves!

Three-dimensional wind turbine
Create a huge wind park like the ones we can see on mountaintops!

Thumbs up or down
A great tool that will help children express how they are feeling.

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Daily routine
Simple ways to help newcomers integrate your regular routine.

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Up and down
Have fun exploring these spatial concepts with toddler-accessible fun.

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Have fun watching old pennies turn shiny again as you teach children basic science.

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Water, in all its forms
Explore how water can be liquid, solid, or gaseous through simple manipulations.

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Magic paint
Children will love using this preparation to create “secret paintings”.

Quick homemade glue
Whip up a batch of this concoction the night before a big art project.

Slime…you can eat!
Just play with it…or use it like paint. Either way, this recipe is fun!

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Creating activities in just a few steps

Discover a 5-step method that will help you provide fun new activities for your group this fall.

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Playing outside during autumn

Because summer is winding down…we might as well prepare for the next season of outdoor fun.

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The flea market-Findings and treasures

Tips for making your reading corner extra special at a low cost.

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