We acknowledge that we live, learn and work on the unceded territory of the Scia’new (Beecher Bay) First Nation.

eNEWS | January 2022

A Deep Dive into Place-based Education with Octobus Man!

Have you met or heard of our two most recent campus residents, Sam Coté and Audrey Moïse? Sam, our new diving instructor, and his partner Audrey, both originally from Quebec, joined us on campus in October 2021, along with their cat Percé and their home, the Octobus. Read more


Measuring Climate Change in Real Time: A Tribute

With the recent passing of Pearson alum Geert Jan van Oldenborgh (Year 5/1980, The Netherlands) we wanted to share a timely story about his work as a passionate inventor and promoter of climate change measurement.

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How to Build an Education

Lin Kobayashi (Year 18/1993, Japan) could never have known the twists and turns her life would take when she was accepted to a prestigious Tokyo high school in the summer of 1990. But something did not sit well with the young Kobayashi and she longed for a different kind of educational experience.

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Alumnus Elected National Chief of the Dene Nation

Congratulations to Gerald (Jerry) Antoine (Year 1/1976, Canada-NT) of Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́has, who has been elected national chief of the Dene Nation! Jerry first became involved in "community development' in 1977, just one year after graduating from Pearson, when he was chosen as a spokesman for the Deh Cho peoples. Read more


Help Keep our Waterfront Programs Shipshape!

This past fall we put a call out to the Pearson community (near and far!) to invite support for our waterfront programs, ranging from diving and sailing to Marine Science, Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and everything in between.

We were delighted with the response, both in donations and testimonials about how meaningful these programs were – and are — for alumni

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Experts Gather to Hone Pearson’s Climate Action Leadership Diploma Curriculum

There is action on Pearson's new Climate Action Leadership Diploma (CALD) program – perhaps one of the first programs of its kind for this age level – which will nurture and support motivated and talented young people to tackle the climate catastrophe in a variety of ways. Exciting progress is being made to establish this program for students beginning in August for the 2022-23 academic year. Read more

Is the UWC Global Selection Program for You?

Applications are open for UWC Global Selection Program (GSP) entry to Pearson College UWC in August 2022! The Global Selection Program (GSP) is a way for students who do not require a scholarship or financial support to apply for a place at a specific UWC school. Learn more

One World 2022 -- Re-imagined!

We – and many of you – were hoping for the best – a live, in-person performance of the annual Pearson College UWC One World stage presentation.

But, while a live show in a downtown Victoria theatre is not in the cards for this spring due to you-know-what-virus, Faculty member Lucas Olscamp has already done a lot of creative thinking about how the performances could be meaningful for the students participating and more widely available for the entire Pearson community. Learn more


Remebering Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The 26 December passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu prompted remembrances by many around the world of a humble man who became the moral conscience of his nation and an advocate for truth, justice and reconciliation worldwide. We wanted to share the words of Archbishop Tutu, who had close ties with UWC, upon the opening of UWC Robert Bosch College in 2014 with you. Read more

Pearson College UWC Profile

Have you seen our 2021-22 College profile? This document provides a concise overview about all academic aspects of the Pearson College UWC education and also lists university acceptances for our most recent graduates Year 46. View this publication.