VOLUME 12 No. 4 | FEBRUARY 21, 2022

2020-2023 collective agreement

The new collective agreement is now available on the APTS website under Conventions collectives (in French). You can download the PDF or look at the interactive flipbook, which has a search tool and a clickable table of contents that make it easy to navigate.

The English version will be available later this spring.

We want what we're owed

Once again, the health and social services system is lagging behind schedule in paying employees what they’re owed. On January 29, employers failed to pay retroactive amounts that were due under the agreement to settle pay equity complaints from 2010 and 2015.

The APTS is keeping up the pressure to get the problem solved quickly. Over the past few weeks, we’ve met with a number of people who bear responsibility for this matter, including Minister Christian Dubé. Grievances will be filed by your local teams to make sure nobody loses any amount that is owed to them.

See our press release for more information.

Calculating pay equity amounts

If you’re a dental hygienist, dietitian/nutritionist, medical records archivist or speech-language pathologist, you might like to know the amount you’ll be receiving as a result of the settlement reached in July 2021 for pay equity maintenance complaints. The APTS has developed a tool to estimate the amount of the payment. Click here to access the tool and information on how to use it (in French).

PETITION | Solidarity with physiotherapists!

Ten years ago, the APTS filed a complaint with the CNESST (Québec’s labour standards, pay equity, occupational health and safety commission) to eliminate the unfair wage gap experienced by physiotherapists – and since then, every successive government has balked at the idea of settling their complaint. So, is the Legault government feminist? We find that pretty hard to believe when we see our colleagues being taken hostage as part of provincial bargaining talks. The APTS encourages you to show your solidarity by sharing this video and signing the petition on our website (in French). Together, stronger!

A major gain for biomedical engineering technical coordinators

A long-awaited decision from an arbitrator has resulted in victory for the APTS, and a major gain for biomedical engineering technical coordinators. Ranking 18 will be assigned to them from the time their job title was created in 2008 until today. They were at ranking 16 from 2008 to 2017, and at ranking 17 since then.

The health and social services ministry and the APTS were originally supposed to determine the value of the job together. However, discussions ran aground on two of the 17 sub-factors to be assessed, and this led to litigation that unfortunately dragged on. Repeated representations on the part of the APTS have finally been successful.

See our press release for more information.

Strike action, compensation and taxes

Tax season is coming up – time to remember that compensation for days of strike action is not taxable. No tax slip is issued for these amounts, and you don’t have to declare them.

If you lost the rising-scale premium, please note that members who indicated they were benefiting from it at the time of the strike last June will receive an email and a link to a form they can fill out in order to receive compensation for loss of the premium.

If you were receiving this premium at the time of the strike and participated in mobilization activities, but have not received the email, or if you'd like more information, please contact your local executive.

The future is feminist

International Women’s Rights Day is coming up soon, and our theme will be The future is feminist. Let’s be visible, stand together, and say what we believe in by sharing the digital and promotional tools developed by the Collectif 8 mars.

Saying that the future is feminist is more relevant than ever in 2022. No, we can’t go back to normal without bringing about long-lasting change. Yes, there are solutions that can help us create an inclusive, ecological society based on greater justice and solidarity.

For exciting ideas about how to use this year’s slogan, visit the Collectif 8 mars website at lavenirestfeministe.com and look at its Facebook page.

Keep an eye on our social media! Local activities, or activities in your region, will be announced in the near future.

Youth protection under opposition scrutiny

A public statement on the part of the APTS Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec has put the spotlight on youth centres in Trois-Rivières and Drummondville, where teenagers live in disgraceful conditions caused by lack of space. Responding to questions from official opposition spokesperson Kathleen Weil, who wanted to know what steps were being considered to provide a permanent solution to the problem, Minister Lionel Carmant undertook to take rapid action – a promise that he twice repeated at meetings with the APTS while Bill 15 public hearings were taking place. The hearings themselves were an opportunity for us to present bold, concrete solutions to ensure that the child’s well-being comes first and that the Youth Protection Act becomes truly effective. Our ideas resonated with opposition parties. Clause-by-clause review of the bill starts today.

For more information, see the what the APTS said before the parliamentary committee and read our brief (in French).

Your tax receipt from the SSQ

Do you need a tax receipt for your health care expenses? You can download it from the Customer Centre on the SSQ website.

This is a good time to sign up with the Customer Centre if you haven’t already done so. It has all kinds of information on tax receipts, online claims, comparative price of medications under your plan, etc.

If you need help, you can reach SSQ customer service at 1-877-651-8080. Make sure your insurance certificate number is handy when you call.