Volume 1 No. 1 | OCTOBER 4, 2022

APTS launches 2023 contract talks

APTS demands adopted in General Council

We’ve just taken a key step in negotiating your next collective agreement. You were consulted about APTS demands at general assemblies last spring. These demands have now been adopted by our General Council on September 27, 28 and 29, and they’ll be tabled with the Treasury Board and the CPNSSS (the management bargaining committee) by the end of October 2022.

The APTS has also joined the Front commun, a coalition of labour organizations that includes the CSN, the CSQ and the FTQ. Joining the common front means that we need to ensure consistency for some of our demands, including those relating to pay, pension plan, parental rights and regional disparities. At the General Council, your delegates unanimously endorsed a harmonized set of demands.

We know you’d like to know more about the substance of these demands, but out of respect for our Front commun partners, we need to wait until they’re officially tabled to provide full information.

Front commun

The APTS officially joined the Front commun on September 28. For the first time, an independent labour union is joining a common front on the same footing as Québec’s major labour federations. That’s a sign of the APTS’s growing importance over the past years, and a recognition of the crucial role played by professionals and technicians in today’s health and social services.

Our bargaining, mobilization and communications teams are fully prepared to start coordinating upcoming Front commun actions with our CSN, CSQ and FTQ partners.

Next steps

The government will table its offers in December 2022 and January 2023, and that’s when we’ll find out exactly how it intends to treat its employees. Does it really want to become an “employer of choice”? Stay tuned – we’ll let you know what happens!

New website

The APTS has set up a website to help you follow what your bargaining team is doing. We’ll be updating it regularly as we add elements such as demands, information documents, videos, and visual tools to support mobilization.

An English version will be online soon.

Discover the website

Contract talks are just beginning – and we won’t back down.

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