School of Kinesiology

Spring 2023 Registration

Spring term registration will open on Monday April 3rd at 7am online and 9am in person/over the phone!

All class details and schedules will be available on our website and online calendar on Monday March 20th.

Spots can fill up fast! Please reach out if you have any questions at kin.outreach@ubc.ca or by phone at 604-822-0207.

Summer 2023 Registration

Full day camp registration opens Monday April 3rd at 7am online.

Registration for half-day camps and summer classes open on Monday April 17th at 7am online.

Our schedule for summer camps and classes will be available on Monday March 20th on our online calendar.

Healthy Eating Tips Booklet

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Healthy Eating Tips booklet created by UBC Active Kids and UBC School of Kinesiology faculty and students! This booklet includes ideas for healthy eating habits, meal planning, Indigenous food and nutrition and lots of family-friendly recipes!

We hope you enjoy incorporating these tips and recipes to build healthy habits with your family and friends! Click here to read!

Research Opportunity

The University of British Columbia, Exercise Metabolism Research Group is seeking males and females ages 19-30 and 65-85 for a study assessing age-related differences in how skeletal muscle responds to a single bout of resistance exercise (lower body weightlifting).

For more information please contact Allyson at allyson.schweitzer@ubc.ca or click here.

March Break Reminder

Just a reminder that all UBC Active Kids programs run as scheduled throughout the March school breaks!

This would be a great time to come check out our gymnastics drop in programs running on Wednesdays from 11am-12pm and Fridays from 11am-12pm and 7:15pm-8:15pm!

Small Space Games and Activities

With this Winter weather it can be hard to stay active with limited space inside. Thankfully, there are lots of ideas out there for games and activities to keep from going stir-crazy.

Click here for 15 go-to small space games and activities for kids.

Nutrition Tips from the School of Kinesiology

Allergies can have affects on everyone, even if you are not allergic to anything!

Click here to learn more about allergies and how to avoid causing reactions! Remember that Active Kids is a nut-free facility.

Call: 604-822-0207

Online: http://kin.ubc.ca/activekids

In Person: Osborne Centre
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