VOL. 10 No. 6 | SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

Are you ready for the General Council on September 23-24?

To help you participate remotely, here are a few reminders.

Confirmation email from GEMS Web

After you register, you will automatically receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link and the password to access the meeting. Delegates with voting rights will also receive a user code and a personal password enabling them to vote on the scrutin.ca website.

Saving the confirmation email

To make sure you can find this important information when you need it, save the confirmation message in a safe place as soon as you receive it. For example, put it in your Outlook calendar or on your computer desktop. Another safeguard is to keep the email in your inbox, using a flag or the colour red to mark it as important.

Connecting to Zoom or Scrutin.ca

To make sure your connection to Zoom and Scrutin.ca are working properly, we recommend that you sign in up to 30 minutes before the beginning of the meeting. During this period, the technical team will be available to answer your questions and solve problems. You can reach them at aideadistance@aptsq.com.

Updating your personal email address

Often, difficulties in getting access and voting codes occur because the wrong personal email address is recorded in the database. Please make sure your personal email address is up to date – that way, confirmation emails will not be sent to your old address.


New way of processing expense reimbursement claims

We have news about your expense reimbursement claims! Click here for more information, and don’t hesitate to write to payables@aptsq.com if you have any questions for the accounting department.