August 19th, 2019

Theme - Swamps
Circle time ideas, crafts, games, workshops, culinary activities, and a whole lot of educational fun!

Educatall Club
A picture game, word flashcards, activity sheets, coloring pages, a new rhyme, and so much more!

Pompom froggy
An oh-so-soft hopping pal that’s easy to make!

Peek-a-boo turtle
This craft is so much fun to manipulate!

Mandala craft
Capture the sun with these handmade creations.

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The ideal harvest time theme.

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Flutter-filled sensory, physical, creative, and cognitive activities.

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Mixtures and density
Solve the salad dressing mystery.

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Sound memory
A simple experiment that children are sure to remember!

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Crocodile bars
Children will love helping you prepare these sticky treats!

Outdoor goops paint
Add a touch of color to your yard!

Tearless bubble solution
Great for letting very young children in on all the bubble fun!

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10 ways to play with toy cars

Get creative with these popular toys.

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A “school corner” is a must for preschoolers

Enriching material that will foster children’s creativity.

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Children’s cognitive development

Simple activities for each stage and age.

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