Here we go again!

Omicron, Level 4 and Frontline Action

The New Year continues to challenge us all. The news today confirms that our cases are growing and also with another death that Omicron cannot be underestimated. The province is moving to Level 4 this evening at midnight.

We have responded to each curveball at Frontline Action proactively and are continuing to do so today.

At Level 4 our indoor and outdoor parks are permitted to open however one of its requirements is that association should only be your household bubble and 10 close, consistent contacts from outside your household (Tight 10). Given this, all our customers must take this guidance into account when choosing to book a game or visit.

From the very beginning, as many of you are aware, my team and I have utilized every protective measure available including our state-of-the-art Active Pure Covid killing air purification system which runs 24 hours killing viruses, bacteria, mold, and VOCs in the air and on surfaces at our indoor facility. This is the same system that has been installed in our schools.

For those of you who have bookings and do not feel comfortable hosting an event, we can put your deposit on hold or even refund the deposit if that is your preference.

  1. Our outdoor park is open and is a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and burn off some of the covid stress we are all feeling.
  2. there will only be one booking on our indoor field at a time
  3. we are restricting bookings to under 14 players. Household + tight ten
  4. Our Thursday indoor airsoft open play will be canceled until we move back to level 3.
  5. we will be adding an outdoor open time Saturday mornings 10AM to 1PM at our outdoor park on Duffetts Road.
  6. All food eating and groups will gather or eat in our Playground area. This is a very large space which is over 40000 cubic feet that allow physical distancing and lots of Active Purified air to protect our guests and staff.
  7. All our staff are now wearing KN-95 respirators
  8. All players must wear masks when in our facility.
  9. All calls are now being forwarded to our owner's (Tom Davis) cell phone after hours. This way he can handle any complex needs you may have.
  10. Regardless of the Alert Level, we will still be filling Sodastream and Beer Co2 tanks every day... Anytime. Call 747-4653.
  11. Our pro shop hours are also changing and curbside pickup is always available.

Monday to Thursday 12PM-6PM

Friday-Saturday 12PM-7PM

Sunday 12PM-5PM

Of course, this is a quickly evolving situation.  You can always check our Facebook page for up-to-date info.  

From my family and the Frontline Action Team, we wish you a safe New Year.

We appreciate your continued support during these difficult times.

Tom Davis

Owner and Team Leader

To make changes or to book please visit or call 747-4653