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Atlantic Canada | May 2021


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We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary as a partnership by launching Lactanet’s new and improved stack of innovative herd management tools - designed to take your herd to the next level. The new Lactanet website beautifully houses access to MySite for internet reports and the Dynamic Dashboard for visual "at a glance" insight.

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Benchmark 2020 by Milking Systems

When a producer plans to build a new barn, a number of questions arise. Many will opt for a free-stall barn, but what to choose, parlour or robot?

When reviewing the data, the producer will find that the milking robots have higher productivity in every part of Canada, but on the other hand, the fat test is a little lower. On the other hand, parlours have the highest fat test and have lower calving intervals than milking pipelines, but are about equal to milking robots.

These are the type of findings you will discover in the 2020 Milking System report. Enjoy the article!

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Portrait of Ferme Yves R. Couture

Since the fall of 2020, the components at Ferme Yves R. Couture have been slowly decreasing. We tested some feeding solutions, but nothing was conclusive. Some time later, we began to question the forages in the PMR. We compared the old rations and made some observations. Let’s find out more about this story and its happy ending.

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Improving Performance: Management vs Genetics?

Advances in research and technology give us a deeper understanding of the complex biological processes and environmental factors behind the production of dairy products.

But how are these genetic improvements showing on your farm? Are you working for your cows, or are your cows working for you?

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Genetic Selection for Fat Production

One possible solution for increasing milk fat levels is focusing efforts on genetic selection, with heritability being 50% for fat content, and 26% for fat yield.

Ferme Bessette et Frères has prioritized selection for fat index for several years now. See their results :

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Jean-Philippe Laroche, agr., M. Sc., Nutrition and Forage Professional, Lactanet

What is the ideal NDF*?

It seems like a simple question, but there is no simple answer! In fact, the feeding context and the type of animal to be fed will have significant influence on the ideal NDF value. It is therefore important to include your feed advisor in the discussion; they will be able to guide you through the process.

You can set a general objective, however, this objective will vary according to the type of mixed forage. Given that the NDF in grasses are more digestible than those in legumes, one should aim for a higher NDF value for grasses:

  • Alfalfa → 40% NDF
  • 50/50 Mixed Forage → 45% NDF
  • Grass → 50% NDF

*Neutral Detergent Fibers



Strategies to Improve Winter Survival of Legumes

The damage caused to legumes over the winter months can result in serious financial losses for dairy farms. The impact on yield is sometimes so significant that producers are required to take action, for example, by overseeding or terminating the stand. So how can you better the odds for legume survival?

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Get Started With DairyTrace

Starting in September 2021, a DairyTrace account will be required for proAction livestock traceability. If you own dairy cattle or simply have dairy animals under your care or control and you haven't yet activated your DairyTrace on-line account, get started today! It's quick, easy and free!

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Virtual Open Industry Session

Lactanet is pleased to continue organizing and offering its virtual Open Industry Sessions, which have traditionally been planned in advance of each meeting of the Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB). Due to the positive response and increasing interest in these open meetings, Lactanet Canada has scheduled a 1-day virtual session to be held on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

To participate in this open and free webinar session, you must first register in advance:

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